Sunday 12 December 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday, Pan Forte and Door 12

My colourful Artful Blogging and Where Women Create magazines made a shadow this morning. The sun comes through the front window for about ten minutes in the morning at a low slanting angle and dramatically lights the everyday things in the bedroom. For more shadows from around the world, visit HeyHarriet here.

Here is the Pan Forte as promised! I cooked it just before we went out last night, so when I got to it this morning to take it out of the tin and cut it up, it was very difficult. It is basically a kind of toffee recipe, as the main ingredients apart from the fruit, nuts and spices are sugar and honey. I think I slightly overcooked it (followed the recipe but would do less time if I do it again)
so it was very hard to cut. It is tasty though-very rich, chewy and nutty, and goes very well with coffee.

Here is the recipe-with my provisos!

edible wafer paper

75g blanched almonds

75g blanched hazelnuts

50g unsalted shelled pistachios

225g mixed dried fruit-dates, figs, apricots, candied peel

(roughly 55g each)

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon each of ground ginger, ground cloves, ground nutmeg (I just grated some), freshly ground black pepper

75g plain flour sifted

1 tbsp cocoa

200g clear honey

200g caster sugar

icing sugar to serve

The recipe says about 10 minutes preparation time and 1hour 10 minutes to cook-preparation took me about half an hour.

1. Preheat oven to 180C, 160C fan oven, Gas 4. Toast almonds and hazelnuts for 5-7 minutes-till golden.

2. Oil an 18cm square loose bottomed tin (did not have this-just used a square tin) and line with edible paper.

3. Once nuts done, lower oven temp to 150C, 130C fan (I misread this and did 150-may explain over cooking!) Gas 2

4. Cool nuts, chop roughly. (Not good at nut chopping-they spring away, so didn't bother too much!)

5. Chop all fruit.

6. Mix fruit and nuts.

7. Mix spices, flour and cocoa in another bowl.

8. Mix spices etc with fruit and nuts.

9. Medium pan-mix sugar and honey, heat until sugar dissolved, bring slowly to boil, bubble for two minutes. (Do not put your finger into the pan you think has cooled to try the delicious sugary mixture. If you do, run swiftly under cold water) Seriously, it is very hot and dangerous!

10. Mix quickly with fruit and nuts-otherwise it is very difficult! Pour into tin. Press flat with spoon. (I couldn't do this-too solid a mixture and too sticky-but it flattens out in the oven as it cooks)

11. Cook for 1 hour ten minutes-or possibly slightly less considering overcooking.

12. When cool, cut into small squares and dust with icing sugar. It was a two handed job cutting mine!

I think if I do it again, I would try adding orange zest, and slightly less cloves as I think they dominate a bit.

The recipe was from Sainsbury's Magazine though not the issue shown here.

Today's door is Christmas stamps.
I have posted the photo so you can see the little idyllic Christmas snow scene. Sweet!

Thanks to Kim Klassen for yet another lovely texture! I have bought quite a few, but she also sends out free textures very generously, if you join her texture lovin' list. This one is called lyrical.

make gif

Make gif


Paula said...

You've made me hungry and long for the sun all in one post.

Very stormy here today with lots of rain and big winds. Perfect for knitting or reading.

Anonymous said...

Excellent shadow shot and that cake looks delicious!!

Leenie said...

First, your header is magnificent!

Second: I'm jealous of your sunshine and shadows.

Third: Your recipes are pushing me to start clanging about in the kitchen. My problem is, there are no hungry teenagers to scarf up the goodies if I make them. And holiday treats tend to attach themselves to the hips and thighs. (sigh)

urban muser said...

love your shadow shot. simple and different.

Photography said...

Nice shadows and Thanks for the recipe! Please stop by I am a finalist in a comp thanks :-)

Linda Sue said...

I have been gone this week end- selling my wares and having a very good time doing so! I am pleased to have caught up with you here- your posts have been so happy - love the kitty cupboard! So busy all of a sudden- not able to do what I have intended- oh well.Nothing REALLY matters....

Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautiful shadow shots!

Shadows at Nostalgic Marveling

Candace said...

Hi there and thanks for your sweet visit and note! You would NOT believe how cold it is here in the Sunny South's Classic City. And it's snowing, rare before Christmas here.
I am going to try out your recipe, Sarah! The photos are so so scrumptious in and of themselves.
Oh I do love love love the banner and your shadow shot makes me want to go thru all my own Artful mags.
Take care,
Candace, still in Athens.

Hey Harriet said...

Mmmmm! Shadows, books AND sweets! It doesn't get much better than that! I hope you have a lovely week :)

Yiota said...

I love the first picture; any pile of books (or magazines) looks like art to me.
Your sweets look yummy!

snoopydogknits said...

Hmm! Think I might have to make some of that. It looks and sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I love your next advent door. The little snow scene is lovely! Enjoy the last few days of term. Ros

Anonymous said...

Love the stamps! Your cake looks so good!