Wednesday 8 December 2010

Beachcombing ladder tree, soapy dough and 8th December

make gif

Today's door is the snowman card that Timi made today-I like its little quif! Yesterday's door-the second one, was a felt head from here-and it reminds me of Father Christmas, and a porcelain Jesus from here-the two men with beards who are related to Christmas!

Christmas fete tomorrow-and the nativity-going quite well-has its funny moments, like the grumpily sweeping Mary! Very sweet! My contribution to the fete is playdough-the children and I made lots of it yesterday and today, and I have packaged it into plastic cups-two colours in each with a sparkly triangle (tree) on top and a recipe taped to the cup.

It is called 'soapy dough' and makes lovely deeply coloured dough. The recipe is-two cups flour, half cup salt, two table spoons of poster paint, one tablespoon of liquid soap-I used washing up liquid but it is nice to use a lovely smelling soap, and one cup of water. Then just mix until combined, get your hands in there and squish it all together, adding more water or flour as necessary. It keeps for about a week in the fridge in a food bag or airtight container. It is lovely, as you can make the colours bright, and do things like make a rainbow of play dough or try colour mixing using it. It is cheap and easy!

Below is my ladder tree-I bought the ladder in the summer in Rye. I really like it to display things on and thought it would make a good tree substitute. It is really a beachcombing and woods scavenging tree, as most of its decorations are from the beach or woods. There are bones, stones, seed heads, shells, twigs and cones. It also has two little doilies (from Linda Sue) and a couple of sprigs of holly. It has one silver necklace and some safe nightlights (the battery kind) The paper chain is the one from my trimmings and the things at the top are my face candle shades. Cassie likes the bones near the bottom-they swing around in a way that interests her!

You may have to enlarge the picture as it has come out really small!

I love lights, and get even more than normal out at Christmas.
These are snowball lights. The have a soft glow that I like.
The tapestry is Andy's from his family-I love the colours and faded grandeur of it.


→lisa said...

I love rustic, primitive ladders like that, and what a smart idea to make it into a Christmas "tree." It reminds me of an altar.

The tapestry is lovely (and the frame, too), that blue sky and dark blue robe. Aaron providing priestly counsel?

Leenie said...

Tell Timi I really like the snowman.
And the soapy dough is a great idea. I may have to involve grandkids in making a batch. Love the lighted Christmas ladder. Doesn't Linda Sue give the best gifts!

Sarah said...

She does!

Pretty Neat Designs said...

Thanks for leaving a comment with the animation instructions. I'm going to try to make a movie this weekend. Your calendar idea is very cool.

Tracy said...

LOTS of holiday goodness today, Sarah--such fun! :o) And love Timi's snowman. Soapy dough--what a terrific idea for childrens' gifts! I must scroll back over these photo--so many great ideas! Happy Day, Sarah ((HUGS))

Linda Sue said...

Timi's snowman is hilarious! The little trees - I would eat them even if they tasted of soap paste...Your ladder is brilliant! What a great idea and no needles to clean up after the holidays. You are a most fun holiday elf!

Anonymous said...

Malcolm is supposed to be making a ladder for me - I must remind him!! I love Timi's snowman! The lights are lovely and set off the tapestry beautifully.

Unknown said...

i love snowman

Lynne said...

I love your inventiveness.

Anonymous said...

I love the ladder Sarah! So pretty!