Saturday 29 August 2015

More York

More photos of lovely York. A random selection of ones I like. 
 We walked into town along the river one day. All the houses have pretty secure looking flood gates as the water rises really high when it floods there.
 Heading into Duttons for Buttons, the best named shop I have seen. We didn't buy anything in the end, tempting though it was, but Clare wanted to show us the recently discovered medieval attic.

 Loved the way this cat is depicted. 
 This name means 'What a street!'
 This man overlooks the river at the back of a strange junk warehouse. 
 Pretty market stall.
 Gary outside the doll shop. 
 Sad Steiff bear.
 We had lunch in a cafe/deli called The Hairy Fig. Great salad and gruyere toastie plus amazing array of vinegars and licorice.
 The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here! 
 On the Minster this face reminds me of the lion from the Wizard of Oz.
 A cat and a dog on some houses near the railway. 
 In the cafe awaiting our breakfast. Everywhere you look there is another lovely place to eat and drink!
 Also in the cafe. 
 Graceful cup, delicious coffee. 
 Some views from the wall. 

Friday 28 August 2015

Whitstable on a Rainy Afternoon

I visited Whitstable on Tuesday with my friend. We have not been there for ages so it was fun to wander around. It is pretty and has some good shops, including the one below which is called 'Whit Knits'. It also has a very well stocked stamping and die cutting craft shop. I found a great product called 'Inka Gold' which is just like Buff-it that I love, and comes in loads of colours. I was restrained and only bought three! 
I took lots of photos so here are quite a few of them!

 Sad little house.

 In the house above I could see a window of trapped bears. 
Most of the shop signs are hand painted, which is a pleasant change to the norm. I have signed up for a week long sign writing course in January next year so maybe someone in Whitstable will be able to give me a job!

 This little dog was very friendly. I know you shouldn't touch dogs you don't know but I felt he was not threatening and I was right! He put his paws on my arms and looked at me lovingly. I hope he didn't have to wait for his person for too long.
 I like the broom heads, but not the sign in the window!
We are off to Sheppey tomorrow. Two seaside visits in one week-can't be bad!

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Mini Holiday

We had a long weekend in York, where we were staying with our friends, who have recently moved up there. It was a relaxing time, with walks, pubs, cafes and a little light, craft based shopping. I took loads of photos, so have divided them into different categories. This post is the local area, near where our friends live. Beautiful houses and interesting quirky gardens, hedges, fences and windows. 

I love the caterpillar hedge!
This is the Burton Stone. The holes were apparently filled with vinegar during the time of the plague so money could be exchanged safely. Before that it was thought to have been the base of a cross which formed a city boundary marker. It is at the end of Burton Stone Lane where our friends live. It looks like a giant skull.

This is such a beautiful house. We walked past it each day. It looks very French to me.
Here's the caterpillar again! The features are pieces of plastic. 
An angel in a window near the football ground.