Friday 1 April 2016

Things I Have Been Making This Month

It is safe to say that I have been a bit knitting obsessed recently. Since learning how to use the double pointed needles I can't stop making balls, and now eggs. I seem to have given myself a very sore arm though. which I think is tennis (or in this case knitter's) elbow. Crocheting has the same effect. It doesn't really hurt at the time I am doing it, but afterwards when I straighten my arm, and at other times when I am trying to lift, turn or generally do anything with my right arm. I am going to have a break from knitting over the weekend and see if it improves. 
 The pig is an Arne and Carlos design and the toadstools are my own. 
 This is also my own pattern. I added the red stitches afterwards at Andy's suggestion, as it looked a bit dull.
 A bit of light relief Granny Square making, followed by Humpty and his eggs, for Easter week at school.

 Then back to knitting. This was my first egg. This is from Arne and Carlos' 'Easter Knits' book. I now have four of their books. They are lovely, as they contain other things than the projects, with little snippets and photos from their idyllic life in an old train station by a lake in Norway. If you don't know who they are, google them, they are great!
 I want to make a bunny but have not had time yet. 
 This lonely egg now has four friends, but I don't have a picture of those to share yet.
 'No Sarah, you can't use this lovely little basket to hold your projects, as there is only room in it for me.' If I had bought it for her then Cassie would not have been interested, but I didn't.
The egg obsession continues. These eggs are from my egg collection, and are kept in an old wire egg basket. The two painted ones are among the first presents Andy ever gave me, so he is responsible for this collection!
I made some Fabergé inspired card eggs. I used alcohol pens to colour the stick on gems which worked really well.
The silver bits are a squeezable gem stuff that you leave overnight after blobbing it on. I also like the effect of these.
Well the Easter holiday is half way through, and I have just finished a week of Arty Party, so I am glad that it is the weekend and I have a week off next week. Hope your Easters were good!