Wednesday 28 February 2018

Monster Toe Hat and the Beast From the East

Having made Paddington, and being halfway through making two more, I have learnt a technique from making his legs. Make two tubes, then join them in the middle, crocheting all the way around the top of one then the other, eventually making one big tube for the body. I suddenly realised that I could do however many tubes I liked, and thus invented the monster toe and also gloves.(!) This is my prototype, and I didnt want to go on and make a full monster, so have turned it into a hat for a doll. It makes her look like a queen so she likes it. 
 This morning one of the Reception children said to me, "Sarah, there is snow everywhere." Having just watched the news I see that there truly is, covering most of the country and bringing things to a standstill as usual. We had quite a lot last night here, which stopped me using my car this morning for my latest job, (I have three now!) of cat sitting. I started doing this in November and now have a list of nine clients so far. I am working for someone else, but am thinking I could do this myself at some point in the future. I have two lots of cats I am feeding this week, and on my teaching days I have to get up really early to do the morning visit. Even earlier today, as the Beast from the East has arrived, a cold weather system from Russia, made all the worse by the jet stream reversing. I have no idea how or why but it is cold! My school was open today, much to the disappointment of staff, but not me as I don't get paid otherwise!
 It was beautiful at 5.45 this morning, and the bus I needed was running. All went well and I was home again in time for work.

This view is out of the third floor window at school.

Monday 19 February 2018

Paperless Post Review

A little while ago, I was asked to try out and review the Paperless Post site. I had not heard of it before, and was excited to find out more. It is a site offering, as you may have guessed, an alternative to posting actual cards or invitations. As with all virtual services, the instantaneous nature of it was the first thing that appealed to me. For those times that you may have forgotten a birthday, or have not been organised enough to send a card abroad in time, it is perfect.
Sometimes a handmade card is still in this state, and tomorrow is the big day....

...Only one place to go!

My thoughts on using the site are to be found below, along with a few examples of the beautiful artwork from some of the cards available.

If you would like to receive a card to see for yourself, please leave me your email address in a comment, and also any preferences for subject matter if you wish, and I will send you a beautiful virtual card!

1. There is a huge choice of cards on the site, from a range of designers. There are lots of photo cards, and many have customisable text on the front as well as inside. Here is one I did of Cassie...
 And a multi -photo card too..
2. As the item you are posting is virtual, no trees are harmed in the process. I really like using paper, card and all manner of products made with both, but the chance to not do so sometimes, and therefore feel a little less guilty, definitely appeals.

3. You receive the card in an email, and are taken through the card opening process. The envelope appears, the card slides out, and is then displayed against your chosen background. I like this. It is simple, yet fancy enough to be fun. It is so much better than my attempt below using Giphy. And takes around a tenth of the time.

4. I love to have all the colours, in whatever medium I am using, so that I can make what I want when I want to. Paperless Post may be virtual, but there is that handmade element in that you are making your own choices. Which backdrop, envelope, liner and stamp you choose all adds to the final result, and can be customised to your recipient. You can also use filters such as colour and card shape when searching. I love that about the site, and found that the most difficult thing is making a choice!

Here are a couple of the envelopes and liners...

5. You purchase coins to use on the site, which makes paying for your card a simple matter. Most of the cards I have sent so far have been between 4 and 6 coins. You can save on this by not choosing some of the elements. Coins start at 20 for £5 but the price goes down per coin the more you buy. There are also free cards to choose from. Below is one of the free cards-a vintage postcard. It would be fun to use these for your holiday postcards, and include photos of where you had been that day.

6. As well as cards, the site offers invitations to events. This would be so useful I think, and would be an easy way to manage invitations and RSVPs to an event such as a wedding, as there is a reply facility with the things you send.
So, overall, I am impressed with Paperless Post, and will continue to use it. I would like to try the invitations but a suitable occasion has not come up yet!
Here are a few I have sent. The recipients so far have liked their cards.

Sunday 4 February 2018