Sunday 25 November 2018

Christmas Colours

I got this book for my birthday by Kim Thittichai. I have read most of it. It is full of inspiration and advice on how to create texture and layers with fabric. There are two techniques in there that I had not come across before. The first is the most exciting for me-using Bondaweb adhesive interfacing) to transfer painted designs to fabric. I have used gesso and acrylic on fabrics, fabric paints and also printable fabric, but this way is so much easier and really fun to experiment with. I want to use it in doll making, but so far have just been playing around with it, making little tree ornaments. The other technique is making faux chenille, which I shall write  about when I have had more of a play. 
 Not only can you transfer your picture to fabric, but you can use the Bondaweb to add foil. I have quite a lot of heat transferable foils as I bought a TODO hot foiling machine a few years ago. They work pretty well for this. My mini iron has come back out of its box too, as I can be much more precise with that when foiling. These are the finished results so far. I am stitching them together using running stitch and some of the many embroidery threads and cottons I have, and leaving the edge raw as I like that effect.
 Some designs based on my collection of china dogs. 

 This is my Christmas tree almost finished. I used a graining tool to make the trunk pieces, which are wrapped around kitchen towels. The pom poms were going to hang from the discs but I quite like them just scattered on the layers. Also that will be much easier.

Sunday 4 November 2018

Cat Sitting Pleasures

The main pleasure is obviously the cats. I love all of my little furry clients, and mainly they reciprocate this, with a few cross little exceptions! There are no pictures of them to share though, as I want to respect the privacy of their owners.
Some places I visit have great views. I have been visiting a flat in Greenwich with two sweet cats for the last two weeks. They are well travelled rescued cats who have fallen on their paws, (they're cats!) and now live in a lovely place with two people who love them. I have been round early in the morning and in the evening too.
When I was choosing photos tonight, I noticed the gradation of colours in this building. It makes a good abstract image.

Last night was the Blackheath fireworks, and the roads all around the heath are closed for the evening. Apparently 80,000 people attend now. This leaves only the bottom road open to get to Greenwich, and it took me 50 minutes to get there last night. (I can do the journey in seven minutes at 5.30 in the morning!) I was there for my half hour, and was about to leave, when the fireworks started, and both cats looked very worried. So I stayed with them until they were over. It put off the inevitable journey back home, which I think I managed in about 30 minutes, due to knowing all the back routes but no thanks to drivers who do not understand fairness and queuing and who are extremely aggressive in their efforts to push in.
I was lucky to see a display on the other side of the river, far enough away to make no noise. 
This is on the non-river side. I love all the little windows against the dark, like dolls houses. 
Early this morning there were a few Cormorants and lots of gulls. Look at his feet! 
Unintentional yellow highlights!