Thursday 2 December 2021

Beautiful Lily

We had to say good bye to our beautiful Lily on the 14th November, at a little after three o'clock. She had many things wrong with her over the last number of years, but had medication and an adapted living space that met all her needs. But on the Sunday morning, she went blind. It was overnight, and could have been to do with her hyperthyroid disease. Whatever the cause though, the independence that she had would have been lost, and in addition to all her other conditions, we felt it was not fair to her to keep her going any longer. It was strange though, as even though she had, in my opinion anyway, had a traumatic thing happen to her, I could see her starting to adapt to the new situation almost straight away. She was an amazing and clever girl. We had a nice morning together, and she had cuddles, sleeps, ventured out for catnip, and had lots of her favourite food. The vet, as they always are, was very kind. We had to go to one in Beckenham as it was a Sunday so it was the emergency vet. It was very hard to leave her little body there. We now have her back in a little named box. Her name is spelled wrong, but that is part of her history, as the vets always had the wrong spelling, and it makes no difference to anything. She was 20.
Below are a few pictures of her over the years.
Here she is laying on the desk on my papers.
At one time, we always used to leave a plastic bag on the bed for her, as she loved sleeping on them. In recent years she has had a special heated mat which she loved. 

Three tabby girls. Cassie on the left, Tiger in the middle and Lily at the front. 
Even longer ago, The sisters waiting for Andy to feed them!
Lily and Tiger often used to sleep near each other. 
Looking all fluffy and cute in the snow! I think this was around 2007.
We really miss her, but I know it was the right time, and there is comfort in that.

Sunday 7 November 2021

Sunny Saturday Finds

I had a really busy week last week, as I am now working four days a week, and I had a lot of cat jobs, both morning and evening. Going to bed early and being very organised got me through, but I was glad when Friday arrived! One of my cat visits was to Huba and Mici in New Cross, a sweet combination of huge white boy cat, and tiny black girl cat, both of whom loved the laser toy and their food. Where they live is a dead end street that loops round on itself and is off the very busy main road to New Cross. Amazingly it has no parking restrictions. And even better, I realised halfway through the week that it is about a two minute walk from Deptford Market. I normally park near the dentist in Deptford which is a good 15 minute walk away, so was very happy to find this new place. Saturday morning was my last visit, so I couldn't resist a quick visit to the market afterwards. I found a few tiny things, but my best two finds are below. The doll was lying on top of some shelves on a stall that was mainly selling trainers. There was nothing else remotely old on the stall, and she called for immediate rescue! I love her dress and expression, and all she needs is a little clean of the dress and a new pigtail. The dress can be got off by unpicking a few stitches. 
She is sitting on top of the other great find, a Lloyd Loom laundry basket. I have been looking for a one for ages, and wanted a traditional wicker type with a lid. I have not found anything suitable. As I was about to go back to the car, I realised that I was surrounded by laundry baskets! But they were all either too big, or too dirty. Then I spotted this one. It was five pounds which is a lot cheaper than a modern one. It is slightly bashed but the hinge is good. I gave it a thorough vacuum, and wiped the wipeable bits. I thought about painting it. It is a strange dull pink colour with gold highlights, which at first I thought was someone's bad paint job. Then when I looked them up online I realised that this is how they looked. There was an aqua and gold combo too. I think they had glass tops on too, though maybe not all of them. So I am going to leave it for now. I have made a bag to sit inside out of a vintage tablecloth that Andy got ink on. I need to put some more hooks in, and will find some little toggle buttons or similar to make it easier to remove the lining. Lloyd Loom furniture, in case you didn't know, ( you probably do!) is made from rolled up paper.

"1917 The legendary Lloyd Loom process was invented by an American, Marshall B. Lloyd, who twisted Kraft paper round a metal wire, placed the paper threads on a loom and wove them into what was to become the traditional Lloyd Loom fabric.

William Lusty was a salvage merchant who rescued driftwood that had fallen into the London canals from barges, and then turned them into packing crates. He contacted Marshall B. Lloyd and expressed an interest in obtaining the patent in order to manufacture Lloyd Loom furniture in the UK."

Both of the above are from the great Grace's Guide to British Industrial History.


Sunday 31 October 2021

Halloween in the House

Halloween arrives on the kitchen table.
A mysterious trunk, the requisite pumpkin, and a rocking horse from the attic. (The shelf)
Worry dolls and spell ingredients. Perfect for today.
"Ooh, aah what's in here?!"
Adventurous Racer rides the horse. She wanted a hat with a skull on and this is my attempt. It looks more like Frankenstein's monster to me but she likes it. 
The others wanted a variety of Halloweenish things. The one I like the best is the crocodile hat which Hope is wearing. Madeline is the witch, AMF is the pumpkin. (She is called AMF because she arrived in the box of an Adjustable Milk Frother and the name has stuck.) Lorna is the ghost and Minnie Sutherland is the cat/bat, we can't decide which. Both are suitable. 
The trunk is quite roomy. I have had it for years. It is an old doll's trunk which is a good thing for young dolls too. 
Hope is doing her best to look scary here as she invites you to join their tiny party. There will be mushroom tea and acorn and pumpkin soup later. 
All apart from Racer held onto their worry dolls. She wasn't in need of one as she wasn't worried about riding the horse. Halloween can be a little worrying if too frightening a film is put on, or the trick or treaters are dressed like clowns. We just had the giant cat Eddie to watch out for, and he had gone home by this time.
We decided to turn the lights off and get out the tiny lights, just for a bit of Halloween atmosphere.

And here is the very brightly lit line up, to show off the hats and ghost a bit better! It looks like a police line up but I promise it isn't!


Eddie Helps

Eddie was here when I was setting up my photo table for the girlettes Halloween pictures. He looks very handsome I think, and like he knows how to pose for a photo! I was trying to hang the sparkly cloth over the cardboard stand and he thought that was a lot of fun, and helped me to take twice as long to do it as he wouldn't let go!


Saturday 23 October 2021

Birthday Present

It was my birthday. I bought dolls. I was in Greenwich to pick up Lily's drugs and cat keys, and I decided to go to the antique/junk (it really is both!) shop as I have not been there for a while. I found the girl on the right first. She was cheap and slightly cheaper at the till. Then I found the other one, and found out at the till that she was not cheap, but got a little cheaper, to coincide exactly with the amount of money my Dad kindly gave me for my birthday. So they both came home with me. 
They are sitting on the rocking chair looking quite pleased with themselves to have got out of the shop basement. They don't have names yet, but I expect they will come to me. The one on the right is an Ideal Doll, which is an American company, and is from around 1930. The one on the left has a composition body and bisque head and is made by Heubach Koppelsdorf, a German company and is from around 1910. Her head is in good condition though loose at the neck. Her limbs and body are composition I think, and have some cracks. She has a lovely face. I might attempt to go back to doll paintings so I can paint these two!
I love her little teeth. Her eyes open and close.
This doll has a very chipped surface, so I need to be careful so that she does not get any worse. She has a lovely face too.

Monday 18 October 2021

Up the Garden

Now I have done some clearing, it is much easier to go up the garden to fetch nextdoor's footballs. When I went today I noticed that these toadstools had sprung up, and started to decay, in the week and a half since I last looked. They blend in so well with the dark soil that I nearly trod on them. I took my camera up to take a few pictures, and when I turned to go in, I noticed a different kind on the tree stump. All very autumnal!
I didn't lay down for this picture, just held the camera low down!

They have such delicate structures. 

The ones on the stump are very pink, making a good contrast with the bright green ivy.

Bollie came out to see what I was up to. I am never sure if he likes me to be in the garden. He seems to find it a bit disturbing. Most cats quite like the company.


Sunday 17 October 2021

Swan Corner

I happened to watch a short film made in 1968 on a channel called London Live today. It was called "Swan Corner" and was filmed on a summer day in West Wickham. It is of footage of people going about their everyday business, accompanied by music. I loved it and am pleased that someone had the foresight to make such films as it is so interesting to see how almost everything has changed. One thing I noticed that hasn't is the street cleaner's trolley which was pretty much the same as today. 

It led me to look for more films and I found this amazing site.  London's Screen Archives

I haven't even started to explore it yet but it looks good. Just thought I would share my discoveries in case they are new to you too!

I knew if I looked through my old photos I would find a swan somewhere. This one is from Northumberland five years ago on the road trip Linda Sue and I took. One of the places we stayed was on the edge of a lake filled with birds!Here is a blurry action shot of one taking off. Swans landing and taking off from water are most impressive. And saying that makes me wonder if they ever land on land?!

Quick edit-"Swan Corner" is on the film archives site.

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Random Wednesday

Poor doll who needs help but is beautiful. It looks as if she wants legs like those on the sock yarn band.
The local recycling bins on a particularly busy day a while ago. As I arrived there today I saw a woman picking up the good stuff-interesting bird cage thing and something else that looked useful. I didn't pick up this car but I have taken stuff from here before and given it to a charity shop, as people just dump things all over the ground and not in the bins, much of it perfectly usable. Hopefully a person with a child who could use it took the car. 
Soft drawing that appeared one night. 
Hands found in Greenwich in the window of a gallery. Only three of the pictures are palm up. I wonder if people feel more vulnerable that way, or if those people have more open personalities.
Spiky person from my drawing tablet, which, amazingly, still works and connects to this computer fine. 
And that's the end of Random Wednesday.

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Being a Tourist

I went into town with Andy today as he had to do some business things as a result of events in the last week which I don't feel able to talk about yet. Anyway, I was not at work, as I have a horrible cold (not covid-did a test) but felt better today than yesterday so thought I would go with him. We got a train, which happened to be a Thameslink, so we got off quite near to Holborn and walked. We walked too far and had to walk back again, but it was a nice day so never mind. We went past about 10 Insulate Britain protesters, quietly protesting at the Royal Courts of Justice, and about twice as many police. The second place he had to go was near Leather Lane, where there was a food market going on.(Hot food stalls rather than veg etc). I went to explore while waiting for him, and turned off down a side street for a detour. Little alleyways to explore.

The plant on the building on the left looked like green fur. The fence is round a primary school playground and the kids were out for playtime, so I didn't take any closer photos. 
This lovely lettering says The Record Hall. I had to stand right back to work it out. I just looked it up and it is a workspace which looks very fancy.
On the way back to the bus stop where I was waiting for Andy, I walked through this amazing place-Waterhouse Square. It was peaceful and had lots of places to sit and eat lunch, which many people were doing. 

And Charles Dickens lived there too! Or at least he lived in a building near this site, which was demolished before the current building was built in the 1890s.

And finally, the number 17 bus to London Bridge...