Thursday 31 May 2012

Windsor Inspired

After visiting Windsor castle with Linda Sue and Stella the other weekend, I wanted to make a soldier with a bearskin. The bearskins and the shiny, shiny boots are the two things that stand out the most for me about their uniform, obviously not the white belt or the dark blue trousers, both of which I got wrong! The bearskin hats are still made of bearskin, as they have not found an acceptable synthetic alternative. They obviously have not thought about crochet!

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Bye Bye Nursery

 The poor piano is not allowed to come with us. It is too old and tatty, though the kids love it.

Nursery move day today. We now have all our stuff either down at the new place, or in storage. Me and one of our TAs helped the removal men this morning unloading all of this and more. I am hoping that it will all fit somewhere. I really like the new rooms, and think the kids will too. It is a bit scary borrowing someone else's premises though. Just hope we don't damage it! We found out yesterday that we are not allowed in the building until the 11th. The kids start on the 12th so we have one day to sort all this out. I think as long as we get it safe to use then we can worry about displays later.

Monday 28 May 2012

Night Flowers

It has been so hot here that it is lovely to go out into the garden at night when it is cooler. These flowers stood out in the failing light.

 The paper like remains of the irises are beautiful in their own way.
This clematis is as wide across as my hand. It shines out so well in the dark.

Sunday 27 May 2012

Plants for the bees, butterflies, cats and people

I went to the garden centre today with the hope of finding some wallflowers. Instead I came home with some cosmos, catmint, buddleia and tomatoes. I have put the plants under the table outside, as it is too hot to plant anything. Tiger went straight for the catmint and started chomping! Cassie watched as if she was trying to work out what the excitement was all about. She had a little sniff after Tiger had finished.
Tiger relaxing after the catnip feast! 
Tomato people. They came home with me from school, rather than into the bin where everyone else wanted to put them.

Friday 25 May 2012

What we saw today

Bright flowers and horses were today's exciting sights.

 I think these are army members and horses. They were all so smart, and perfectly in control and well behaved. I love the fact that the horses are all the same colour-so smart. They came along past us and to the junction of a busy road. The traffic one way stopped, but they had to wait for speeding cars coming from the other direction. I would have stopped for them. I used to go horse riding, and when I see horses like this it makes me want to have another go. The last time I went was in Scotland. I went on a hack with the instructor and two little girls who were wearing back braces-the latest thing in horse riding health and safety. I just had my riding hat, and was trying vary hard just to keep up and retain my dignity!

Thursday 24 May 2012

Sounds of the Summer

The weather is mid-summer like now, and this makes me want to sit in the garden with my tea after work instead of flopping onto the settee. I had a potter around, pulling up weeds and cutting dead stalks off the verbena, as well as pulling some of the ivy off the back wall to keep it in check, while chatting to a friendly gardener next door. Then I made a chai tea, and took my phone out to take photos. I ended up doing lots of little films of Cassie and Tiger who were enjoying the weather too, sprawling around on the decking. There were lots of birds singing, including wood pigeons cooing, which is a really summery sound. Then an icecream van went by, and a light aircraft flew over. We couldn't see either, but the sounds just bring back childhood summers so well.
The week has gone quickly due to the visits and, in between, organising the TAs who have been packing while we are out, and packing myself (reading this back, I realise that it sounds as if I have popped myself into a box. I haven't. But perhaps I should.) It is inducing a slight feeling of panic in me now-how much stuff we have. Moving always makes me feel that way-I always think 'oh it's not that bad, there isn't that much stuff, we'll soon have it done'. Then, somewhere along the way, that thought becomes, 'Oh, we do have a lot of stuff, an incredible amount of it, and where on earth is it all going to go?' I made myself feel better this morning, by making some proper typed labels, with our school, age group and postcode on-for the stuff going into storage. I decided that on the boxes all the labels should be stuck on the bottom left-because that is the place none of us have scrawled notes about the contents, and because, somehow, this kind of uniformity seemed right. The TAs were mystified as to why the labels should be there, but went along with me anyway! They have been brilliant and worked really hard to get everything done. I hope they can keep up the momentum next week when we have to unpack it all again!

Wednesday 23 May 2012


Sinking my toes into the cool chamomile felt lovely.
The garden looks really beautiful at the moment and the sun made it look even better.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Local Graffiti

We saw this just up the road from school this morning.
I suppose the pile of rubbish must have attracted the ants!

Monday 21 May 2012


Super Heroes
Charlie sat his Batman and Robin in the appropriately coloured chairs on Friday morning. I thought it would make a good picture!
 Some real live heroes visited us last week too-London Fire Brigade firefighters. They were on call, but luckily none came during the visit. The children all got in the cab, tried hats on and heard the siren whoop whooping up close. All very exciting!
First day of home visits today-all went well and the TAs left behind have got on quickly with my massive to do packing list-so much so that I have to write another one tomorrow!

Sunday 20 May 2012


So. Farewell then
Nursery Building.
It is apparent,
That you have been my workplace for many years.
And I have enjoyed you.
But not your lack of maintenance and your prediliction for ants.
Soon you will be no more,
And I may shed a tear.

A poem by me, in the style of the great E.J.Thribb.

Saturday 19 May 2012


A lavender beetle that escaped being squashed by falling into a tiny hole in the wall. I photographed it instead and think I am reflected in its stripey back. They are iridescent purple and green-really very pretty but very destructive. When looking at this picture I noticed the teeny lichen circles and the other small things growing on this particular section of wall.
 These eggs are so perfectly mathematically arranged. Just beautiful.

 Chicks at school-very curious and nervous. There are two stripey ones, two very pale ones and two darker yellow.
 An iris I noticed at work the other day-pushing up through the tarmac of the carpark.
They were there first.

Wednesday 16 May 2012


This is the pig I started on the train to Edinburgh. She has grown wings, and is soon going to fly into my etsy shop, once I have taken proper pictures.She looks a bit like a bat as well as a pig. Perhaps she is a big or a pat.
 This is the Flower Power elephant mark two-and this one actually did get her flowers.
 Here is the menagerie so far. At the back is Octobowl Two, and in the front are Little Rabbit Fou Fou and the Hairy Grey Mouse. At the moment I am working on a person-not at all sure what I am doing there!

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Tiny Toy Fun

This bear is serious about photography, and loves to dream about his next project, whilst relaxing in his favourite chair. He is a distant relation of Daddy bear, but has never met Goldilocks. He would love to do a photoshoot with her.

 Dino likes to walk. He also likes his green pot, as it sets off his pink colour very well. He has never heard of Barney but would probably like him, as purple is his next favourite colour after pink.
 In exclusion mode with a layer his colours are swapped!

Sunday 13 May 2012


I met Linda Sue and Stella at Chalk Farm tube, and we walked down into the mad busy world of Camden. So much to look at. I have not been there for ages and now wonder why and may be back soon! The Stables market is amazing-not least for all the horse sculptures everywhere. Lots of pictures today so I will be quiet now!