Monday 7 May 2012

Brown Shoes, Pink Tree, Green Leaf

Coloured things seen in the gardens yesterday. These are Andy's shoes which I really like. He is a bit shoe obsessed! The tree was wrapped in some kind of pink bandage, but I don't know why as we didn't have time to investigate.
Have you seen the book 'Paris in Colour' by Nichole Robertson? 
Her blog is lovely too. What makes her photos so distinctive is the focus on a single colour. I really want to try this idea-I have taken photos where I look for certain colours, but other colours distract. I might go  for a Greenwich colour walk. I loved how, in Paris, there seems to be a moped of every possible colour, and pretty often a 2CV too!


Jenny Woolf said...

I like those shoes too! gorgeous. T doesn't like brown shoes but I love em!

Carole Reid said...

Gotta love a man who loves his shoes!
I too wonder about the tree bandage....what was it made out of? Was it a piece of pop-up art? Hmmmm?
Off to see Paris in Colour....oh to be there in the spring!

rebecca said...

love this idea...
creates a very zen like focus!