Monday, 28 May 2012

Night Flowers

It has been so hot here that it is lovely to go out into the garden at night when it is cooler. These flowers stood out in the failing light.

 The paper like remains of the irises are beautiful in their own way.
This clematis is as wide across as my hand. It shines out so well in the dark.


Carole Reid said...

How pretty! I'll have to check what your temps have been on your side of the world. It's still cool here.

A gardening friend of mine planted white flowers and vines around her patio so when she sits outside at night she has the most glorious white night time garden full of light and scents.

Unknown said...

Very nice, I love warm Summers nights, have a few months to go before we get that feeling back again.

Anonymous said...

You always find unusual things to take photos of! I love the clematis.