Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Eggs abound. Live ones, boiled ones, and previously caterpillar ones. The Egg Queen is alive and well and living in Woolwich. These are some of the entries for the recent Jubilee decorate an egg competition. I couldn't see a link between eggs and diamonds or queens, but I liked the results. Obviously the eggs are heavily parent helped, but the children all had their part to do and they were all very proud of their efforts. Eggcellent. We once had to call out the police when we lived in Lewisham years ago. Eggs had been thrown at our door and the neighbour downstairs was convinced we had something to do with it and was becoming aggressive. So we called the police to shut him up I think. Anyway, it must have been a quiet night because two officers soon turned up. Andy was the person chosen to open the door whilst me and our flatmate listened from the top of the stairs.
'I see someone's been playing a little yolk on you sir.
If they do it again, call us and...we'll scramble.'
He had a couple more egg puns that I can't remember now. Andy says it diffused the tension-egg jokes are not unnecessary then.
 Here is the egg incubator in Reception, humming away heating those little chicks inside. We couldn't have them in nursery as we are closed soon for home visits, but we will bring the children over to see them if possible.

 This and the London themed egg above are my personal favourites. This one is like an alien egg queen.
 This one is very celebratory-you can almost hear the party going on!
 Simple, classic, Jubilegg.
Teeny (on Friday) caterpillar. Has tripled in size by today. They really do grow fast. The children are fascinated, but sadly will probably miss the butterfly stage.

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Leenie said...

Yes, eggcellent. Who gets the chickens after they hatch?