Friday, 25 May 2012

What we saw today

Bright flowers and horses were today's exciting sights.

 I think these are army members and horses. They were all so smart, and perfectly in control and well behaved. I love the fact that the horses are all the same colour-so smart. They came along past us and to the junction of a busy road. The traffic one way stopped, but they had to wait for speeding cars coming from the other direction. I would have stopped for them. I used to go horse riding, and when I see horses like this it makes me want to have another go. The last time I went was in Scotland. I went on a hack with the instructor and two little girls who were wearing back braces-the latest thing in horse riding health and safety. I just had my riding hat, and was trying vary hard just to keep up and retain my dignity!


elizabeth said...

Love the horses!
is it something to do with the Diamond Jubilee?
I really wasn't much of a rider --too chicken.
Sp glad you are having a sunny weekend at last!

Sarah said...

Yes it could be. The sun is lovely!

Relyn Lawson said...

There is just something about watching horses go by, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Love the horses!!!