Sunday 31 July 2016

Random Selection

I haven't been taking as many photos recently, and have not downloaded them from my phone for ages. So when I did tonight, and looked through them, I was reminded of the last month. Most of it was at school, and then the first two days of the holiday were spent cleaning, sorting and tidying, and this week I have been working at Arty Party. So, next week is actually day one of my holiday, rather than last week when I painted this picture. I have enjoyed Arty Party this week, but am looking forward to next week. I am going to see my sister for a night on Monday, then have lots of things to sort out and make. 
 I love these coloured needles, and thought they should be on display for a while. 
Pig cushion with the pig part taken from Arne and Carlos Chirstmas balls.
The middle little pig defending his stick house before running away fast. 
Smug brick house brother looking unworried.
Cafe condiments. Saturday breakfast two weeks ago. 
Flowers at the end of term. 
Arty Party shadow pictures. The theme this week was Peter Pan. I am in the middle of reading it as I haven't read it. Very strange, quite sad and violent in parts and very funny in others.

The Neverland. 
Tinkerbell print. 
A cheerful whale. 

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Only Imitation

Making paper roses for my Mum's birthday card. Just looked up the lyrics of 'Paper Roses' which I remember as a Marie Osmond song. It was first sung by Anita Bryant in 1960, and got  to the top five. Marie Osmond was number one with the song in the U.S. country chart in 1973. It's a sad song, so does not reflect my paper roses, just that they made me think of it. Since I last wrote on here the world has become even madder, especially my part of it. It may be depressing but it is never dull! Essentially though, day to day things carry on, despite all the hoo ha over everything. School has two more weeks to go (hurray!) then I will be free-well-apart from Arty Party but that's not so bad. Then I intend to do all the things I am always planning. This week I have had a big face, as I had an abcess from a cracked tooth. Painful and made me look quite frightening. It has gone down now, with the help of antibiotics, so I am pleased about that. 

Pretty aren't they? They are a bit fiddly but quite therapeutic to make.