Thursday 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas from the tinned Santas, 
 the heads and various creatures, 
 the Christmas puddings,
 Christmas Amineko, 

 and the Brussels brothers.

 The Nativity set is from the boot fair. When I bought it the woman had a tale to tell-she was getting it out and couldn't see the baby Jesus. Christ, where's the little baby?! I said to my daughter, Christ. the little baby's gone!'' Made me laugh. The box it is in is an old radio case I found on the street. It makes a perfect Nativity setting.

Friday 4 December 2015

Fair Tomorrow

These are the things I have made over the last few weeks,  for the fair I am doing tomorrow,  in Staplehurst, Kent. I have more stuff including hand printed wrapping paper,  but this is the recent output. I have been crocheting at any opportunity to get everything finished. I put the last hanging loop on a Santa about ten minutes ago. The car is packed and I am ready to go! 
 The week has been so busy at school and today I was just waiting for home time. My colleague was off sick and I had one supply EYP and our regular one that we have on Fridays. They were both very helpful but it is not the same when you don't have your normal staff. I had to make gingerbread men with the children which I found to be a bit stressful, especially the morning group. Lots of the children were behaving uncharacteristically today, for various reasons, but added together it was hard work. On top of that Tiger was ill last night and I got a vets appointment this evening and was worrying about her all day. The vet checked all the basics and said she is fine but to monitor her and consult with him next week. She has been sick and had a bad tummy and just could not settle last night. She seems better today anyway and has been eating and sleeping normally again so hopefully she is fine. I am just looking forward to next week where I won't have to crochet for a reason and can try out a few ideas I have had that I have had no time for. (The one I am most excited about is cute Brussels sprouts with faces, inspired by a BBC advert on at the moment where a little sprout goes about his day being constantly rejected,  until he finds some people who love him.)

All my Santas look surprised due to the goggly eyes I used. Perhaps they forgot what time of year it is and have just realised.

Hope whatever you are up to that you have a good weekend!

Tuesday 1 December 2015