Sunday, 4 November 2018

Cat Sitting Pleasures

The main pleasure is obviously the cats. I love all of my little furry clients, and mainly they reciprocate this, with a few cross little exceptions! There are no pictures of them to share though, as I want to respect the privacy of their owners.
Some places I visit have great views. I have been visiting a flat in Greenwich with two sweet cats for the last two weeks. They are well travelled rescued cats who have fallen on their paws, (they're cats!) and now live in a lovely place with two people who love them. I have been round early in the morning and in the evening too.
When I was choosing photos tonight, I noticed the gradation of colours in this building. It makes a good abstract image.

Last night was the Blackheath fireworks, and the roads all around the heath are closed for the evening. Apparently 80,000 people attend now. This leaves only the bottom road open to get to Greenwich, and it took me 50 minutes to get there last night. (I can do the journey in seven minutes at 5.30 in the morning!) I was there for my half hour, and was about to leave, when the fireworks started, and both cats looked very worried. So I stayed with them until they were over. It put off the inevitable journey back home, which I think I managed in about 30 minutes, due to knowing all the back routes but no thanks to drivers who do not understand fairness and queuing and who are extremely aggressive in their efforts to push in.
I was lucky to see a display on the other side of the river, far enough away to make no noise. 
This is on the non-river side. I love all the little windows against the dark, like dolls houses. 
Early this morning there were a few Cormorants and lots of gulls. Look at his feet! 
Unintentional yellow highlights!

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Autumn Bits and Pieces

 And some fungi...
 I think this is an ink cap.
 Not sure what this is. It was very delicate.
 These are my feet, with, hopefully no fungi!
A Stinkhorn, complete with flies. I couldn't smell it but I didn't get that close. The latin name is, unsurprisingly, Phallus Impudicus-which translates as 'Shamelessly Phallic.' It was named in 1753 by    Carl Linnaeus. Apparently, some Victorians, such as Charles Darwin's granddaughter Etty, would cudgel the fungi at dawn, to prevent impressionable young ladies being shocked at the sight of such a phallic object. Poor Stinkhorns!
I thought that this was a puffball, but having read all about Stinkhorns, I think this is the egg of one. Appropriately for Halloweeen, they are called Witch's Eggs! The mushroom bursts up through it overnight, and is soon covered with flies, who walk in the sticky green 'gleba' at the top, and spread the spores via their feet. 

Monday, 8 October 2018

End of the Summer Garden

The sunflowers are as beautiful when they are over as they were when they were blooming. In fact I think I like them more as they dry out and curl up. I have saved a few of them and am leaving the rest up for the birds and squirrels. The other morning there was a group of five blue tits flitting around them.
 This is the only one I have brought indoors so far. It stands in front of a mystery portrait from the boot fair-bought for £1.

 I spent about three hours yesterday clearing this side of the garden. I am going to plant the fuchsias from the pots at the back of this border. The large shrub at the back is a forsythia. It had produced lots of long stems which had reached the ground and begun to root under the shed, the fence and the house at the back. I hacked a lot of it off but it is still warm so it should be OK I think.
 There are still a couple of sunflowers in flower. In amongst the tangle of dead stems. 
 The clematis has produced one more flower. I think I should put this in the ground too. 

Below is the beginning of a project using lots of free cardboard from school. A new smart board was installed in one of the classrooms last week and the boxes are massive. I had to cut it in half to fit in my car. Last time I got hold of one of these, we made a large house in the nursery, which the kids spent a few happy weeks drawing all over and hiding in. Can you guess what I am going to make? I shall reveal more next week.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Blue Sky and Signage in Hastings

Lots and lots of photos of a perfect end of the summer trip to Hastings with my friend Chinmoyee. The sky really was this blue! There was lots of time for browsing in the second hand shops and a few little things came home with us. We had a lovely cafe lunch and a short walk on the beach. I took quite a few pictures of signs this time. I love Hastings, nearly as much as Dungeness! I am back at school now-the third week already, and also have lots of cat sitting. I have been painting and doll making, but neglecting the garden and the decorating I was planning. Oh well, there is only so much time in a day! No more writing in this post, just summery pictures to scroll through if you fancy. 

Monday, 6 August 2018

Sunflowers and the Beach

I planted these three months ago. I love them! They are so happy and so big! I had a few dicey moments when it was windy and rainy the other weekend, but bamboo stakes came to the rescue, and they survived. 

 The colours are like food for the eyes. The bees love them. 

The buds have a beautiful structure that reminds me of a Russian church dome. 

We decided to go to Dungeness on Saturday. We left early, had breakfast at a service station, spent time on the beach, had lunch in the cafe and left shortly afterwards,  so we were home in the later afternoon. It was lovely! It is still so hot, and it was great to be on the beach with the breeze.

 I love the view of the roofs over the shingle bank. 

The tide was far out, and the photos I took were with the zoom lens. They have come out quite blurry, with the effect of Impressionist paintings.
 Moth man in the distance. 

 The nuclear power station. I like the red chimneys against the green building.

 Pylons with personality.