Thursday, 20 January 2022


House Sparrows in the dogwood the other day. They kept flying off and coming back again like a little gang. There must have been insects in the branches though I didn't see them eating. We used to call them Spadgers at home. Andy used to call them Spuggies. I am from Kent and he is from Northumberland. Apparently they are called Spyng or Spurdie in the Orkneys, and Chummy, Craff and Hoosie in other places. They are the perfect LBB. (Little Brown Bird-I think that is a kind of twitcher joke for unidentified birds) A number of years ago there was quite a decline in their numbers, and I remember noticing there were not as many around. They are on the endangered species list in the UK I think but their numbers are gradually climbing. Another good excuse for being a fairly messy gardener!

They only weigh around 25-35 grams!



Linda Sue said...

LBB, chummy, cute little ball of fluff. Thank you for making your garden wild! Wild-ing is the thing now.Animal and bugs like it better.

River said...

There's not many sparrows around here either, more in the city where they vie with the pigeons for crumbs, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw one among the brown doves on my own lawn. We used to call them Spoggies.

Lincoln Madison said...

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gz said...

Hi via Fresca's blog.
We've always known them as LBJs! Little Brown Jobs!! Apparently there are 37 varieties of LBJ! We have House Sparrows and Dunnocks in our garden, generally mob handed...much safer with all the magpies around this year.