Saturday 26 August 2017


A few pictures from a short but lovely trip to Menorca. The island looks as if there is a lot to explore if you were there for a while and had a car. We were there for a couple of days, and explored the little bit where we were staying. I liked the trees, and the way bats were flying around outside the hotel windows at night. Below are some pigeons, enjoying a drink from the infinity pool. I love the one on the right, checking if it is safe. 
A perfect cactus in a pot. 
 View from the window early in the morning. 
 View of the small town and the wooded hill. 
 The cliffs are lit up at night. I think the rock is limestone. 
 Colourful beach early in the morning. 
 Divers likewise. I was a balcony spy. 
 A little brown bird, who obligingly posed on a walk up the cliff staircase. I haven't been able to identify it.
 View down from the cliff. 
 A cave in the cliff.

 Majorca in the distance. 

Wednesday 23 August 2017


This pot of sunflower heads is the best breakfast!

Monday 21 August 2017

The Lake District

This mini holiday was two weeks ago now! The holiday has been very busy. Two weeks of Arty Party work, followed by a three day trip to the Lake District with friends, then back, then a two day trip to Menorca. This week I am at home trying to get all the jobs done. This includes the ongoing battle to sort out a leaking house, where we are finally beginning to make a little progress. I have put lots of pictures of the Lake district because it was so beautiful. We had a minibus tour of ten lakes on the first day, which was great and took us to places we would never have found. The second day we visited Beatrix Potter's cottage, then Keswick in the afternoon and the pencil museum.
The view from my bedroom in the Inn we stayed at. Very beautiful but also very convenient for access to the motorway. 
Then, there are lots of pictures from the tour day. 

This is at a slate mine, and is a model of a house on the bridge in Ambleside, built on the bridge to avoid taxes.

Castleriggs stone circle.  When you are up there you can see hills all around. It is very atmospheric and beautiful.

Some people taking a dip with some Llamas in Derwent Water. 

Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Farm. 

Tiny collections and a dolls house were among my favourite things in the house. 

A Mr McGregor, in Near Sawrey, where the farm is. 
The Pencil Museum. 
I liked the old building behind, and all the vintage packaging on display. Graphite was mined in the Lake District, hence the pencil manufacture. I didn't buy anything in the shop, as I already have rather a lot of Derwent products!