Sunday 21 March 2021

Doll Socks

 After a comment by River, I tried, unsuccessfully, to make some doll boots using a bear foot pattern, like the ones that Racer had on for a while. Then I thought I would try to write a doll sock pattern. I could do the rib, the leg, and would have been able to do the foot and the toe, but the heel turn was making me very confused. It is like a magical thing happens when you do the heel turn, and I could not work out that magic for myself. Luckily there was someone who had, so I used her pattern, but changed the toe to make it more like a real sock. The pattern I used was on Beep Beep blog here. When reaching the end of the foot, this is how I do the toe: 

Round 1) k3, sl sl knit, k7, k2tog

Round 2) k4, sl sl knit, k4, k2tog

Round 3) k4, sl sl knit, k2, k2tog

Finish with Kitchener stitch on the two groups of four stitches. Here is a great guide to Kitchener stitch on Purl Solo.

So, now all four girlettes have their socks, plus the glamorous pink haired girl on the settee, I am going to make some to send to River and other girlettes I know! It will take me a little while but they will be on their way sometime in the next month. 

Here they all are in their new socks!

Madeline, Racer, Minnie and Hope, all very happy with the colours they chose.

I made these first, on 3mm needles, so they are too big for the girlettes. I used 2.5mm ones for them, and thin sock wool.
I have had this bag of small skeins of variegated sock yarn for a long time, and not found a use for them. They are just perfect for doll socks and are really lovely quality. I think they are pure wool. I didn't even realise what kind of yarn they were when I bought them, I just liked the colours!


Saturday 20 March 2021

Sylvanian Family Wedding

 A royal wedding photographer called Jo Short, and his daughter Juno, created a Sylvanian family wedding and he took amazing photos of it. They were on BBC Breakfast the other day and it made me smile so I thought I would share it. It is only a link as I am probably not allowed to use the photos but it is worth a look! He said on the news, that his daughter told him about her plans for the wedding, and he asked if he could take pictures. She said that unfortunately her brother was going to do that. So he said he hijacked it with the promise of various Sylvanian wedding goods such as a marquee, and took over. They were very funny!

Here is the link to BBC news. Sussexes to Sylvanians: Tiny Wedding shot by royal snapper

Bolly's New Friend

Oliver (Bolly for short) turned up with a new friend this morning! A little cat who could be his brother, or son even! They seemed to know each other, were playing chasing games, and came down to the back door together. The little cat then ate some of the catnip, and looked through the cat flap. I really wish that cats could talk our language so that they could explain themselves!

I have enlarged it so you can see the expression on Bolly's face which is hilarious!


Thursday 18 March 2021

Journal Pages

At school a few weeks ago, the children in Reception were looking at the art of James Rizzi, an artist I had not heard of before. He was an American pop artist. He came up with the idea of 3D multiples as a way to solve the problem of having to hand in work for painting, sculpting and printing classes, but only having the time to make one set of work. (This is what Wikipedia tells me anyway) So he made hand coloured etchings which he printed twice, and mounted parts of the print on top of others using wire, thus giving it a 3D effect. I love the faces in the windows that he drew. The second picture is the one I started at school when the children were doing theirs. I didn't see the faces pictures until I looked him up at home. 

This paper doll outfit is a photocopy of a doll Linda Sue sent me. I added her head and hair. The faces are quickly drawn with watercolour pens, which I recently bought, despite vowing not to buy more art supplies. But they are so lovely! The hair is watercolour paint. I have been watching Sandi Hester videos and she inspired me. I watch lots of YouTube videos at the moment. I don't know why I didn't before! IT always recommends other channels and she was one of the recommendations-a good one! 
The page on the right is done with gelato crayons. They are water soluble and really soft and creamy to use. The woman is from a magazine and looked much nicer than my version! On the left are colour charts of my new pens. 

 And more colour charts, and more Sandi Hester inspiration-drawing pens I draw with! 

Sunday 14 March 2021

Toy and Shelf News

New and adjusted wardrobes have been happening. Madeline is swearing a new dress and jacket courtesy of Ebay, and a new hairclip from a box of pretty ones I found when tidying. Racer has a new silver jacket from the same bag of clothes, that fits her much better. She also has a new silver skateboard that I found in a box when on the way to work the other morning. There was also a little superhero type toy all broken up which I left behind, and which was gone by the evening. I couldn't believe the luck of the skateboard though, and just the right size! Minnie has an amazing shirt/coat which Linda Sue sent for her. She actually sent three so they all have one when they want it! Thank you Linda Sue! 
The Womble decided that he had had enough of sitting on the sofa in London, and wants to go to Leeds now to sit in a different place with my sister  and her husband. So he is in the box ready to be posted tomorrow. 
These shelves are Andy's, and were in a terrible mess, not having been sorted for a number of years. So yesterday, in between other stuff, I took everything off, dusted it, then put it all back again much more neatly. The Woodcock and skulls are mine but it is a good place for them up there as they go with the old library feel of the books on the top shelf. The next two shelves down are Andy's music book collection and the few records left from his former massive collection. More books are below and a few small collections. 
The colours of these books which belonged to Andy's Mum are so beautiful. They could not be seen before so I am happy to have them to look at. I made the little boats on the left, and the other things are either mine or Andy's.
The next piece of toy news is the arrival of these two, Hope and The Baby. They both arrived on Friday, so became friends immediately. Hope was spotted floundering around on Ebay, and so I had to rescue her. The Baby was also there, and I just could not resist her face and her flaws. She has some damage to her ear and the top of her head. One of her arms is moth eaten felt and the other is plaster. Both are hanging by a thread. Her wood wool is showing through the thin muslin type cloth she is made of, and her dress is very grubby. All of these things just make her more special I think. I may do some basic strengthening of her arms and body but otherwise I will leave her as she is. 

I tried to paint her,  and the box was the result of painting over the top of a star pattern I drew which I didn't like. I have not quite got the lettering perspective right!