Monday 27 May 2019

Day Out

The gaps between me posting anything on here are getting longer and longer, and each time I wonder if it is time to stop altogether. Somehow the wish to share is not as strong as it was. (Or maybe I am just lazy-sharing a photo and a few words on Instagram is so much easier!)  But anyway, here I still am and here are some photos of Brighton, where I went on Saturday and had a very lovely time. My sister is getting married in the Autumn, and I am a 'Maid of Honour' which sounds like something from Medieval times. Anyway, she was down in Brighton on Saturday with her partner's family, getting the men's clothes sorted out. We and her husband to be's sister met to see if we could find a dress for us to wear. We couldn't. We will meet again in London soon. Anyway, I went down in the morning on the train so I could have a look around the Lanes and see the sea. It was fun just wandering with my camera and a small budget for unnecessary goods. (These turned out to comprise of some beautiful old dolls clothes, and some vintage ribbon) Then it was fun to see my sister and various other half family members. The only thing not fun was the row of red crosses waiting for me at the station with the accompanying words 'delayed' or 'cancelled' on all services. There had been a complete failure of the signalling system just outside Brighton so nothing was leaving or arriving. It was just over an hour later that it was sorted, so not too bad.
 Minty the elephant feels good!

 The baby feels grumpy. 

 The little dog was my subject. He or she had such a sweet face and expression.