Wednesday 13 February 2019

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Colour, Pattern and Cassie

Christmas pom poms, all lined up, just for the pleasure of seeing them all together. Some are now strung on the kitchen wall, cheering up the winter. 
 I have been doing some patchwork. I like doing the hexagons, as they fit together so pleasingly. It is slow work, cutting the paper shapes, folding, pressing and tacking the fabric, then hand stitching them together, but it is so satisfying! This is the beginning of a cushion cover for my friend. She loves Peter Rabbit and so he is in the pattern. At first I was going to do all Peter patches, but then decided to make it more subtle. Some of the other pieces of fabric are from an enormous quantity of fat quarters I bought at the charity shop a while ago, at a completely bargain price. I am happy to have started to use them now.
I bought a large builders bag, as I thought it would be useful for yarn sorting. I also thought Cassie might like it and she did! She got in it for a while. She loves anything new. We have had her for nine years now. I can't believe it is that long. She just gets cuter all the time!
Once the patchwork part was done, making up the rest of the cover should have been quick. However, I decided to add a pom pom trim which Linda Sue gave me. It took a while, as I needed to tack it down to stop it getting in the way as I sewed up the seam. Fiddly! I like the end result though.

 As all my sewing stuff is out, I thought it would be a good idea to make something else. A saying of my Nan's popped into my head and seemed appropriate for a cushion cover. All went well tracing the letters and cutting them out, but I used freezer paper instead of interfacing, so once cut out, they were not adhesive. So I had to laboriously tack them into place. Then sewing them on the machine has taken a long time as I did running stitch, then zigzag stitch. Next time I will use interfacing, so I can stick them in place before sewing. I did discover two dials on my machine I didn't even know existed-the stitch width and needle tension dials. A learning cushion!.