Friday, 4 May 2012

Isn't Light Wonderful?

Have you read 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy? I read it, then later saw the film, which is very well done, and captures the awful feeling of hopelessness in the book. I heard it discussed on radio 4 recently, in 'A Good Read'-a programme where three guests choose a book which their fellow guests read, and then they all discuss-a book club on radio really. I always enjoy listening and quite often buy a book because of it. The latest is 'Flowers for Algernon' which is still in my to read pile.
I listened to it on the way home-and called in at the shops-but had to stay in the car until it was finished. As far as I remember, none of the guests talked about the main thing that has stayed with me from this book-the fact that there is no sunlight. Day and night still happen, but day is a grey dreary thing. The absence of sunlight means the absence of plants as they cannot photosynthesise. The trees are cracking, dead and falling. The man and the boy still retain a kind of hope as they head for the coast but really there is none. I read it some time ago. I gave it to a charity shop as it depressed me too much. But now I wish I hadn't as I think about it a lot. It makes me appreciate the light. The plants and birds. It makes me grateful for what I have got now and aware that it is all very fragile. All green campaigners should make all sceptics and everyone else read it.
So-love the light! These photos were taken last week-one night on the way home. I stopped the car to take them. The sun had come out after days of rain. The light was only like this for about five minutes. These houses are near where we live. I once went to collect a freecycled camping kettle from one and they look surprisingly spacious on the inside.

They look like cardboard models don't they?
So perfectly box like and lined up like a miniature scene.


Unknown said...

Sounds like an interesting read, I can't imagine what it would be like with no sunlight. It's bad enough in the winter when it is dark early and still dark when you get up.

Love your photos, those little house do look like miniatures.

Enjoy your weekend.

Leenie said...

Yes, people need sunlight as much as plants. We would probably die out in no time without sunshine to cheer us and show us the colors and beauty. Loved your photos of the white building setting off the spring blossoms.

Jenny Woolf said...

Super cloud that is. We took advantage of one sunny day which was.... er... last week? the week before....??

Rattling On said...

I sometimes sit outside the house waiting for something on the radio! Love those houses they are so unusual, are they very old? Look like something from a film set.

Sarah said...

I am not sure. I have a feeling they were used. In a film once though. Will have to find out now!

northsidefour said...

We had a very long no sun all day gray day yesterday which I find exhausting, but sometimes comforting when it comes in the spring. I love this book club radio show idea, would love to find something like that here.