Monday, 21 May 2012


Super Heroes
Charlie sat his Batman and Robin in the appropriately coloured chairs on Friday morning. I thought it would make a good picture!
 Some real live heroes visited us last week too-London Fire Brigade firefighters. They were on call, but luckily none came during the visit. The children all got in the cab, tried hats on and heard the siren whoop whooping up close. All very exciting!
First day of home visits today-all went well and the TAs left behind have got on quickly with my massive to do packing list-so much so that I have to write another one tomorrow!


Leenie said...

Good looking heroes. It's good to have them around.

Sarah said...

The firefighters weren't bad either!

→lisa said...

Ah, this brings back memories...

My kindergarten was located in the station room of the local volunteer firehall of the tiny rural town where I grew up. The bathroom was located at the back of the garage where the fire engine lived.

OK, so not quite as glamorous as the London Fire Brigade, but still pretty cool for 4-5 year old kid!