Sunday 20 May 2012


So. Farewell then
Nursery Building.
It is apparent,
That you have been my workplace for many years.
And I have enjoyed you.
But not your lack of maintenance and your prediliction for ants.
Soon you will be no more,
And I may shed a tear.

A poem by me, in the style of the great E.J.Thribb.


snoopydogknits said...

Oh dear! Does this mean you are getting a new build? Ros

Sarah said...

Yes-it is currently in phase one, and we are due to move to temporary accomodation soon.

Leenie said...

Good poem.

I guess the ants will find another place to live as well. Hope it's not in your new building.

A.Smith said...

Oh, ants. I cannot say I kill them on sight, but I am not as good as I should be when I see them or they come after my plants. I put the hose on jet and send them out as far as the water will take them.

Are you all packed? I hope you don't have to go with everything to the temporary quarters. Nothing more tiresome than to pack and to unpack for a short period of time. I have tried to see the video but for some reason it won't play on my "lapdog" or in Barry's Mac. I could hear some sound, but not a single frame. We could not figured what happened, but I truly appreciate your sending it, I love anything to do with dogs as you know. Have a great week, dear.

kendalee said...

I look forward to the new building poem! Hope the move goes well... I am sure you'll soon work your creative magic there and it'll feel like home :) x

Anairam said...

So you are a poet AND an artist!