Saturday, 23 October 2021

Birthday Present

It was my birthday. I bought dolls. I was in Greenwich to pick up Lily's drugs and cat keys, and I decided to go to the antique/junk (it really is both!) shop as I have not been there for a while. I found the girl on the right first. She was cheap and slightly cheaper at the till. Then I found the other one, and found out at the till that she was not cheap, but got a little cheaper, to coincide exactly with the amount of money my Dad kindly gave me for my birthday. So they both came home with me. 
They are sitting on the rocking chair looking quite pleased with themselves to have got out of the shop basement. They don't have names yet, but I expect they will come to me. The one on the right is an Ideal Doll, which is an American company, and is from around 1930. The one on the left has a composition body and bisque head and is made by Heubach Koppelsdorf, a German company and is from around 1910. Her head is in good condition though loose at the neck. Her limbs and body are composition I think, and have some cracks. She has a lovely face. I might attempt to go back to doll paintings so I can paint these two!
I love her little teeth. Her eyes open and close.
This doll has a very chipped surface, so I need to be careful so that she does not get any worse. She has a lovely face too.


Anonymous said...

What is it that as adults still attracts us to dolls? I love the older ones as they seem to have so much personality or perhaps it is that they have experienced much more than newer dolls.

Dolls are one of my favorite items in antique/junk/thrift stores.

They will certainly have a great time in your house.


Sarah said...

Thank you Kirsten. It's strange but as a child I didn't have many dolls-only four that I can remember and still have them. it was as an adult that I began to collect them. I think they are beautiful.

Steve Reed said...

Happy belated birthday! Where is this junk/antique shop you go to in Greenwich? I may want to stop in myself one of these days!

River said...

Happy Birthday! Dolls are the perfect gift.