Monday 20 December 2010

The Rising of the Sun

The rising sun was really striking this morning, and made me think of the line in the holly and the ivy, and also how I don't take it for granted. The sun gradually coming back is an amazing thing. I have done nearly all the work I need to do today-from 8.30 this morning until about 5 tonight, as well as a substantial part of the weekend. One more job to do then I can relax! I am out tomorrow night for dinner at a friend's house, and so made some chocolate brownies yesterday to take as dessert. I don't think I have ever made them before. The recipe made loads, and I have been all fancy and packaged them up in little ribboned bags, but still have loads to eat. No wonder I am feeling fat at the moment! I intend to go for a walk tomorrow at least up to the shops to get a bit of exercise and fresh air!

My empty planter has the sun stamped into it.

The sun in a stone.

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jabblog said...

Is this before and after? Indulgence over Christmas and then 'sensible' eating after New Year?

Leenie said...

VERY nice sunrise. Too bad you didn't the running of the deer to go with it. ;) The rock with the round shape is very interesting. A fossil? Liked the sun design on the stone too. I'm glad you get a break from the routine and a chance to relax and eat brownies. Enjoy.

Sarah said...

No-it is for Rudolph! He likes carrots so I hear!

Linda Sue said...

Yes the reindeer like carrots- santa likes whiskey- The reindeer used to leave poop in our house as did the easter real as anything...I always think that I am prepared for christmas- everything taken care of- but it never ever happens that way- I wanted to send out wishes , cards and things- didn't! BOO!

Mary S. Hunt said...

a sunny theme
beautiful pictures and i LOVE brownies!!

so will your hostess..

Anonymous said...

ooh youve just given me a craving for brownies :)