Tuesday 14 December 2010

Glad Tidings of Great Things I Bring

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First Great Thing-The Crucifixion rendered in toast-sounds silly but is actually beautifully done. It is by an artist called Adam Sheldon and is at a church in Lincolnshire until the end of January.
Rebecca's virgin made from wooden eggs reminded me of it-another great thing.

Second Great thing-this video from youtube-it was posted by Mrs Nesbitt and I watched it at lunchtime. It brought tears to my eyes-I love this kind of thing!

It is being very slow to load but I think it is my computer-but give it a chance as it is lovely!

The next thing is this cake by Torie Jayne. It is so pretty and wintery and took a lot of skill to make. She even made the mould for the deer on top, then made the deer out of something called 'petal paste'. So clever! Cake decorating is a mysterious world to me!

In complete contrast to the above cake are these pathetic cookie houses by Aimee and her family. Easy, messy, sticky and delicious fun!

My last great thing today is this blog-Mouses Houses. If you haven't ever seen it then do go and have a look as it is brilliant. Maggie Rudy is the artist and she creates the most amazing tiny scenes with sweet little mice that she makes. I think they are felt and wire but I can't be sure. So good!


Leenie said...

I love those "out of the blue odd, wonderful things in a public place." I'd seen the Messiah in the food court once before, but was such fun to see it again.

Thanks also for the links to all the other fun celebrations and creations. I think I liked Aimee's cookie houses best. My kind of decorating. Why waste all that time perfecting when you're just going to eat them, for heaven's sake. Yum!

Oh, and a Zamboni Machine is a huge riding mower sort of a thing used to groom ice for a skating rink.

Linda Sue said...

You have found the absolute bestest stuff! I would like to propose a TOAST!- get the honey and we will have jesus and tea...The mice are nice- too cute and endearing! I want them- They look felted don't they? Eggs and virgins it's all so...so... AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Those little mice are fabulous - it is just amazing what is out there in Blogland!!

Anairam said...

Loving your advent calendar every day! Oh, we saw that youtube clip a week ago - L'Usband found it through a blog he reads - and I actually cried when I saw (listened to ...) it. SO beautiful and amazing!

Kat Mortensen said...

If this is the Canadian video, it was done not too far away from where I am. Not in my city, but not too far.