Saturday 18 December 2010

18, Snow and Journal Pages

how to make a gif

Today's door is more of a box. I think I am running out of door ideas! Inside is a little Russian Santa. The real one is about 2 inches high and contains Mrs Christmas, a snowman, a penguin and a tiny Christmas tree. I used one of Kim Klassen's textures to finish the drawing. I used the same one on the drawing below and also overlayed a picture of falling snow from today, using different blending modes until I found one I liked.

The snow started lightly this morning as we set out to the shops, and by the time we came back it was really heavy. So I had no choice but to drive in it! It was a bit scary, but really thrilling at the same time! We got home ok and the car is not coming out again until it has gone. There was a minor crash on our street this afternoon-a woman slid into a post on the corner of the pavement. It did so much damage to the front of her car.
One of the boozy angels.

Having fun mixing colours, and filling in a grid from the packaging of my birthday present from my Mum (received last weekend-a brilliant device-a paper cutter that has changeable blades and does things like scoring, deckle edges and perforating.)
Hope your weekend is going well.


Rattling On said...

Snow here as well. Also... in the nearby park a body was found in the lake this morning. Not a word on the news, so everyone worried it'll be someone they know. Awful.

On a lighter note, I love your paint blocks and the girl in the hat.

Leenie said...

Laughed at the Russian Santa popping up like a Jack in the Box. Your Mum knows how to give good gifts! Happy belated birthday!

Linda Sue said...

Your drawings always make me so happy- thank you Ms. Sarah- also pleased to know that Queenie and her lady acknowledged the letter...big of them, really....LOVE!

Hey Harriet said...

Your art is so delightful Sarah! Was it your birthday last weekend? If so, a very happy belated birthday to you! xo

Tracy said...

It's a snowin' & blowin' weekend here too, Sarah! Good to be in doing creative things... ;o) LOVE your grid paper and sweet faces. Happy Birthday belated! Ooo... a paper cutter... now that's a great gift for an artist! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

A.Smith said...

Raining here, no snow now or in the forecast. I love snow this time of the year but I guess I will have to imagine that the grey is white outside. I must tell you that I tried Nigella's cake twice and both times the bottom was not quite cooked. Then I figured that it is the amount of the clementines and the difference in the skin, believe it or not.

I checked her recipe on line and she asked for 1 lb. So far, so good. But, depending on the thickness of the skin, the water content changes. So, today will be the third time to try and hopefully the bottom would be as delicious as the top. Thank you for recipe, we both love bitter orange taste on everything. And
now I am making Panforte di Siena today and I will post the recipe next week.

Stay warm and enjoy that wonderful gift from your Mother. Hugs from here.

Kat Mortensen said...

I love the Russian Santa, Sarah - just like a Maryushka (sp.) doll. I'm thinking I might have to get myself one of these graphics tablets.


P.S. I've linked to your site in my sidebar in the hopes that some people will check out your fantastic advent calendar.