Saturday 11 December 2010

Door 11

make gif

Today's door is my hastily constructed gift tags. The snowflake shape cutter is great-when it works-the paper kept getting stuck in it. I am making a pan forte cake at the moment, as a practice for going to someone's house the week after next and taking a desert. It is another interesting recipe, different to the normal sort of cake. If it works I will share it. It is full of fruit and nuts, so if you forget the vast amount of sugar, it is almost a healthy option!


Anonymous said...

I love your gift tags! Hope the cake turns out ok. We are slumped in a heap after the Fair. It went ok, but could have been better - but at least we made a profit and had less to bring home!

Rattling On said...

Lovely tags, and they'd make great bunting as well!
Yesterday's picture was also fun, our cats get everywhere as well. One sleeps in a washing up bowl on the kitchen table. Through choice I may add, but I'm not sure what visitors make of it all.

Anonymous said...

Your gift tags are so cute!