Thursday 9 December 2010

Door 9, and a letter to the Queen

There are lots of things in my job that I love, and one of them is the variety that comes from working with so many children, never knowing what they will say or do next. There are also plenty of touching moments and one of these happened yesterday. These two things combined to mean that straight after school yesterday, I sat down to write a letter to the Queen!
Earlier in the afternoon J. had visited the nursery to use our postbox. We have a large plastic one that is pretty realistic looking. He wanted to post his Christmas card to the Queen. He had done some sweet pictures and addressed the envelope himself.
After he had gone, I talked to K. (one of our lovely TAs) and we decided to send him a pretend letter back from HRH. Then it dawned on me that I might as well send the card to the Queen in reality. The only reason that L., who works with J., had not gone to a real postbox was because you have to do a risk assessment if you even step outside the gate.
So, I sat down to write a covering letter to go with J.'s card, explaining where he was at school, the fact that he has just come back after a major operation, and that one of the first things he wanted to do was send her a card. On the website I found, it said that you begin your letter 'Your Majesty', so that was what I did! I should think it was probably the only time I will write to her, quite weird really, maybe all her subjects should do it at least once! Anyway, I will wait hopefully to see if Jimmy gets a reply!
Today's advent door is one of two lovely nativity scenes I saw today-one in the church over the road-quite rudimentary and employing shop manikins as the holy family-will show you tomorrow!
The second was in TK MAXX, where I had gone after work to get a present for our student Hannah, who is leaving tomorrow. So I suppose it is a commercial nativity, but very pretty.
Oh-and nearly all the playdough sold! The fair was pretty busy so hopefully raised lots of money-I think it goes to charity from this one, rather than the school.

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Lynne said...

I hope he does get a reply.

Sam said...

Ah! That warms the cockles of the heart that story does! So sweet! Hope you are managaing to keep warm - I hear it's unbelievably cold over in 'ol blighty!

Bimbimbie said...

Awww that's sweet ... you must be one of the Queen's Christmas fairies Sarah*!*

Linda Sue said...

That was very good of you to think of sending off the card to Lizzie! She better bloody well appreciate it -
I am all stuck up with gluey gunk at the moment- will be moving on to baking next...Glad to hear that the soap clay was a hit! Paid off!

Leenie said...

Yes, that was so nice of you to forward the letter with explanation. I do hope he gets a reply, even it's just a form letter like the ones that come from most correspondence to the White House.

Anonymous said...

Oh ... I do hope he gets a reply .... one of those 'her Majesty has asked me to tell you' letters that they send out. I've never written to the Queen, but I did once email Tony Blair - a very sarcastic email which funnily enough I didn't get a reply to!!

Mary S. Hunt said...

that i sooo sweet!!!
i hope she replies too!

Anonymous said...

I hope he gets a reply! I am sure that would make his day!