Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Crochet and Cats

I decided to crochet a Kachina doll. So far I have done the head, face and collar and am working on the headdress now. 
Having finally tidied the bedroom yesterday I rearranged the very important cat sleeping and viewing the street area. There is still a lot of stuff in there but at least it is reasonably organised. Cassie likes the basket I found and filled with one of the woolly baskets. She crammed herself in there for most of the day.

I made these granny square slippers last week, following a pattern on The Purl Bee. It was an easy pattern to follow. I find the slippers slightly too wide but am not sure how to make them narrower. If I do less rounds on the squares then they would just be too small. Maybe if I use a smaller hook it would work.
This is Lily holding my hand. She loves to do this sometimes-she deliberately puts her paw on your hand then stays like that. She likes the top of her paw being gently stroked. It is so sweet!
Tiger likes to curl up next to the wall at the point in the afternoon when it catches the sun. In the morning she sleeps perilously close to the edge of the decking.
Today has turned out to be the last day of my extended holiday, as I have a booking for tomorrow! I am quite excited though a little nervous. It is at a school in Poplar so I am going to leave nice and early just in case. I am covering PPA in Nursery and Reception. Wish me luck!


ShirleyGoldenDoodles said...

Best of luck Sarah, really hope your day went well. I don't know whether you ever got my reply to you asking for my email address which is that is mary underscore etc.
We have much in common though I feel you are MUCH braver than I.

Leenie said...

Such sweet kitties and such a wonderful home they have. Hope your new employment is rewarding and less stressful than that old place.

Anonymous said...

Hope the work went well!!

snoopydogknits said...

Awwwww, dear Cassie. Those slippers are amazing! Ros