Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Little Things

A small selection of things that made me happy this week...
 A tulip on my delicious coffee, at the end of a lovely meal with Andy when out on Saturday.
 Morning sunshine on the thermometer by the back door. 
 A man at Marble Arch feeding pigeons. There were lots of people bustling around and he just sat there in the middle of it all peacefully being with birds.
 Seeing this horse head sculpture again. We were at Hyde Park for a music festival which was fun.
 Sunset the other night as I was coming home.
Taking photos on the way home from work yesterday. This is Wapping High Street, a very interesting road.

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Steve Reed said...

Love the photo of Wapping High Street and the man with the pigeons! Marble Arch always makes for interesting photography -- a lot of characters hanging around there!