Thursday, 25 September 2014

Crisps, Create and Craft

Only linked alliteratively of course. 
I had not realised how much crisps are subdivided nowadays, and when it struck me in the garage the other day I took this panorama photo. Five categories!  In case you can't read the titles, you can now choose from 'lifestyle options', (how rice crackers are a lifestyle option I have no idea), 'retro snacks' such as monster munch, 'snacks', 'crisps' (at last), 'ridged crisps' and 'healthy options'. Ridiculous! The other annoying thing about the current crisp market is the way that you can only buy a huge bag now. A 'grab bag'. I don't want a huge bag I just want a small one. You can still get normal sizes in multi packs in supermarkets but less and less in other places. 
 This is Dean Wilson, my favourite presenter on Create and Craft because he is funny, and has lots of personal anecdotes which appear to be quite spontaneous. In my opinion this makes him a good salesman. Not that I have bought much from them, apart from my ebosser, but if I did it would be from his shows!
Create and Craft TV has inspired me to try card making again. I used to make cards a lot, but not in this way, more just painting them. I have a fairly limited range of dies as I am trying to pick things that I can use in different ways. I have shapes, a few birds, a couple of butterflies, a typewriter, some swirls, and a few other things. I have enjoyed using the holes left by the die as stencils too.


Steve Reed said...

I never buy crisps. I don't like them. Too salty.

Those cards are terrific! The last time I made cards (about 25 years ago) they looked a lot more amateurish than those. :)

snoopydogknits said...

Pretty cards! Ridiculous crisps! ;-) Ros x