Sunday, 7 September 2014

Smaller Things

All seen on my various walks this week...
A Small Copper butterfly in Greenwich Park. 
A toadstool/mushroom. Not sure what kind, also in the park. There were loads of them. 
I think this is a puffball. It looks a bit evil. 
A Ruddy Darter dragonfly in the Greenwich Penisula nature reserve. 
A Bluebottle fly on some fluffy seedheads. Living very close to the dragonfly. 
A Magpie strutting across the grass on West Parkside. He is going to be my photo for that road. 


Linda Sue said...

magpies have such great attitude! They are bold and sassy, my kind of folks!September is whirring into action it seems, and soon I will be seeing you in Amsterdam! So excited!

Leenie said...

Love ALL your photos! There are so many small things we pass by and miss. Small and amazing. Thanks for bringing them into focus. Mr. Magpie (or Mrs.?) certainly does have attitude. One of my favorite birds.

snoopydogknits said...

Fab photos. I envy you your time to take walks this last week. I have been swamped with school return stuff. Hopefully we'll get some time out and about this coming weekend. Ros

Steve Reed said...

Love the butterfly, and yes, I always love a good magpie. They ARE sassy, to use Linda Sue's term!