Thursday, 4 September 2014

Tall Ships

This weekend in Greenwich there is going to be a tall ships festival. I popped down to Woolwich today to see if any had arrived, as that is where some of the events are taking place. I could really get used to not working when everyone else is. (Well schools at least.) It was really quiet apart from the massive amounts of construction work going on, though there was lots of preparation for the festival too-just being done quietly! It was a lovely morning and I was happy to see some ships moored. There was lots of activity on one of them, unloading boxes. I thought maybe it was some delivery work or something who knows?
From a distance I thought this ship had a crocodile figure head. Even in the zoomed in shot it looks like that. But it is a dinghy. I wonder if it is meant to look like a crocodile.
The steering wheel makes the eye. 

The trusty ferry felt left out so I took a photo of that too!
The Tate and Lyle factory. A building I love. I was looking at the photo earlier and love the part to the right. 
Just abstract shapes.
I took a few Bleeding London photos and plan to go out again tomorrow if no work is forthcoming. I have got up early each day and then sat there worrying that the phone will ring! I am going to start ringing them from Monday but this week is, unsurprisingly, quiet. The children only went back yesterday and nurseries and many reception classes will be doing home visits or interviews, so that has allowed me one more week of holiday.
One more boat-not a tall ship. Is it a dredger? It has a crane on it. I am not at all knowledgeable about boats. It has a strange name and a stylishly dressed crew, which is why I liked it.


mycuriousteaparty said...

We said good by to the tall ships on Sunday, good to see that they arrived safely in London. You mention the old Tate and Lyle factory, my dad used to work there in the 70's, they used to take all the kids to see a pantomime each Christmas.. Which was wonderful but I was always more fascinated with the rat catchers..

Sarah said...

I went to Greenwich yesterday and there was one, but today there are about eight, some sailing elegantly up and down. They are beautiful! Interesting about your Dad. I assume you mean the rat catchers in the factory?! I would love to have a look inside. I wonder if they open it to visitors ever. I suppose rats probably love sugar!

Linda Sue said...

the tall ships are really magnificent. There is so much that could go wrong. When they are in the bay Everyone falls in love with the sea all over again.