Monday, 8 September 2014

River Views

By Monday night Sunday always seems so far away! Even when you have not worked all day but have had time for a walk, some crochet and some pottering around. I tried to work today but there was nothing. Which made me rejoice although I am sure I should be worrying about money but I am not-yet. Anyway, these photos are from the walk Andy and I had yesterday. We parked at Sainsbury's and did the shopping, then walked to the dome, around the dome, around it a bit further, until at last we got to, you guessed it, more boats! But it was not just the boats, the whole walk was lovely. Living near the river is one of my favourite things about this area. Yesterday was so busy on the Thames path, and in some spots we moved along at a shuffle. We went almost to Greenwich, then back through streets that two years ago were wasteland and industrial areas, and are now new and fancy flats. We were on the way to a lovely pub where we thought we might have lunch, but it was so busy we had crisps and a drink (shandy, my favourite refreshing pub drink when I can't really drink) then got the bus back to the car. 
I like the colours of this little boat. 
The barrier lights were green. 
Picturesque warehouse across the river. 
The cable car, advertising a view of Melbourne!
I had to zoom in on these flowers to see what they were. (Evening primroses I think) This pier seems to have been deliberately left to grow wild. I really like that.
Canary Wharf dwarfing the little row of old houses in front. 

Only 91/2 miles to Waterloo!
Another lovely colour combination seen on a boat. 
This diver carrying historical man I found disturbing! He was blowing bubbles. I wish I had taken more notice whether the dangly legs are false and it is only one man-I think that must be the case.
More boats...

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Steve Reed said...

That diver man is the WEIRDEST costume. I have never seen anything quite like that! I think your theory on the legs must be correct...