Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Amsterdam Colour

We went to Amsterdam at the weekend to meet Linda Sue and Stella. It was brilliant! We went on Friday-ha ha no work! We did quite a lot and I took loads of photos as usual. It is such a lovely place. So different from any other European city I have been to. There is so much to look at. It is quirky and relaxed and I want to go back soon. I am not going to waffle on but just post photos, lots and lots of them. Today-colourful photos. 

This last photo is particularly colourful! Zoom lenses are so useful. 


Steve Reed said...

LOL! The last pic is definitely a surprise, after all the colourful ducks and bikes and tulips. :) Glad you got to see Linda Sue! Amsterdam is a great town. I love it there.

ShirleyGoldenDoodles said...

Lovely pics Sarah, having time to enjoy life is priceless!