Saturday, 18 February 2012

New Toys

Calligraphy pen set I found in the charity shop yesterday-really nice to draw with. I also found a hand paper shredder. I spent a happy and mindless hour yesterday using it to shred old receipts with Cassie watching me. Little strange cat. They have all been spooked today by the most terrible thing. A poor fox that was almost completely hairless-it's face, tail and body-it was a terrible sight. It came back to our bin bag a couple of times and them ran away over the fence-though it struggled to get up there. I am tempted to leave some food out but am worried about the cats.


Elizabeth said...

Fun finds.
When I was staying with my daughter near Tower Bridge last summer we saw the most pathetic mangy looking fox. So sad. I think there are quite a few in foxes in NY!

Tammie Lee said...

how fun that you found a calligraphy set at the charity shop. love your drawing. yes, if fox catch cats, i would be concerned too.

Unknown said...

This art piece is brilliant brilliant brilliant - I have many calligraphy sets and cannot imagine that I'll ever be able to create art like this! I love it to bits bits bits. Nice work!!!
*smiles* Norma
p.s. that poor fox. Gosh!!!

Leenie said...

Yes I like what you've done with your new toys. Very Much. It sounds like Cassie likes the shredder best. Yikes! about the weird fox. Sad too.

Linda Sue said...

WOW what a find and how well you have used it1 Love the calligraphy girl very much,
Poor little foxy- I have left food out for the raccoons but had to end that activity, not because of the cats but because they started to multiply, also there was that attack...but it is difficult to let nature do her job, sometimes she is a slacker!

Unknown said...

What a great job, you are so creative. That poor fox, I can't imagine how bad it must have looked.

Rattling On said...

I wouldn't feed the fox. It sounds like it has mange or something similar (and that's catching)and though it's sad it would be worse if it attacked your cats.
I find it very hard not to interfere in the 'nature' here in my garden but I really try. The problem with being interested in the natural world is that you end up seeing not just the pretty stuff, but the distressing warts and all stuff as well.
On a nicer note: I love calligraphy pens and have a Rotring technical set that I used to use a lot. Maybe I'll get it out again!

Tracy said...

Oh, I like this sketch, Sarah--very vibrant and fun! Two weeks ago, I was getting in some art supplies, paints and things, and spied a very nice calligraphy set. I was tempted, but it was VERY pricy, so I may look online, as I used to love drawing with ink & pen. So sad about that fox... I wonder what happened to it? Is is still hanging around there? Be careful... Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Sophie Munns said...

Oh ... nice finds Sarah!
You've been busy... just found a whole lots of fun posts ... looks like you've been whipping up a storm of creativity!
go well!
ps love the header by the way!

jabblog said...

Poor creature. Could it be mange? Oops, I see Rattling On had the same thought. It's probably better not to feed it because of your cats. It doesn't sound as though it's in great shape.