Friday, 17 February 2012


I wanted to clear up my messy table, so had to use up the last of the brusho in the palette. I brushed lots of it onto these pages with matte medium. I saw a picture somewhere yesterday where the person had very red cheeks, in half moons below their eyes, so thought of leaving the red background as these and the lips. I used oil pastels which were lovely and smudgy over the plastic like surface of the matte medium.

A bit of my first failed attempt at a handwarmer was already stuck to the other page. It is fun to cut into a crocheted or knitted fabric-you can feel the scissors eating through the stitches. I like the way the colours all work together.

My usual staring at you type of person, not sure if it is a boy or a girl, but it is possibly an assassin in that jumper. (Just watched 'Abduction' tonight. Come back Jason Bourne is all I have to say about that!)

Cassie has had a space especially cleared for her on the window sill this week which unfortunately means her walking over the draining board so I have to keep wiping it-oh well it is only us and I am sure we are pretty immune to cat germs. Here she is posing behind the flowers looking very pretty I thought.


Carole Reid said...

Your description of cutting through wool with scissors was perfect! I could feel it. Your painting reminded me that I should find my oil pastels and add some to the painting I'm still working on!
I think your Cassie always looks pretty!

Jenny Woolf said...

Very pretty and lovely flowers, I am trying to figure out what they are.

Sarah said...

Amaryllis. Or Triffids as I sometimes think of them!

Janine said...

Love your post! I am thinking of cutting up an ugly painting on canvas and sewing or gluing pices of it into an art journal! Love the red on you paintings! Cassis is posing beautifully!

Anairam said...

Your new (well, since I last was able to visit!) header is absolutely beautiful!! And I like the red-cheeked man. And Cassie looks very content in her spot on the windowsill behind the lovely flowers. All in all, your Red post made me feel happy!

jabblog said...

Nice, nice, nice - I can feel the scissors munching through the wool. Cassie looks delightful:-)