Thursday 16 February 2012

Bits and Pieces

Half term is rushing by and I seem to have spent most of it pottering around not doing much. Vets and hair have been the two jobs-I should have done the dentist too but that may have to wait until Easter. Below is Tiger, still a bit woozy from having worm stuff applied to the back of her neck and giving blood. Hence sitting in the cosy cradle bit at the bottom of the scratching post, a place none of them ever sit. It looks really comfortable too! Can you see the little shaved part. Her fur was like rabbit fur when the vet shaved it off with his clippers. The blood test was because she has lost weight-which I think is because of jealousy of Cassie causing her to exercise more than normal-she rushes over whenever Cassie is being played with! £120! I am not complaining-she is worth it-but £120! The results were fine though so that is good. She has to go back to have her teeth cleaned. Poor Tiger. Though she actually seemed to enjoy being at the vets. He had to turn the tap on to distract her so he could listen to her heart as she was purring so much!

More cats, this time of the four-eyed variety! Stare at them and it is hard to convince yourself your eyes are not going funny! Thank you Linda Sue for a great parcel with great wrapping!

I am doing another crochet course-to make amigurumi monsters. But it gave me the idea of just going round and round to make some hand warmers. The stitch looks quite different when you go round and round-I really like the texture. Then for the top bit I crocheted into the back of the stitch as demonstrated on the course and this gives another texture. I bought this yarn for the colour-so lovely-I used to have a jumper of this colour a long time ago but it got shrunk in the wash. I had one failed try-just too big and baggy around, and then could not undo it as the fluffy fibres got tangled. I started again and increased the stitches to shape them a bit over the hand. They are a bit tight to get on but once on are fine. Tomorrow I think I am going to try to make an actual monster!

The Amaryllis in my kitchen-so beautiful. It is in a very little pot, and had fallen over when we got back from Brighton. I weighted it down with rocks as I couldn't really repot it when it was so big and it has survived ok.

I finally bought a cushion pad for my hexagon cushion-the pad is not quite big enough but it will do for now. I love my row of cushions-one of the tidiest and clearest bits of the flat!

Mine is the largest of the two. The mushroom cushion is by Gennine and was bought here.

The carpet cushion was a lucky and cheap find on ebay-it is some kind of bag I think. The red cushion is an old shirt. The brown one is from TK Maxx-I love the Scandinavian look of that one. The original patchwork one was from either Tenterden or Rye-all these antique shops blend into one!


Linda Sue said...

Love the cushions! and the colour of the bright gold yarn! A fave at the moment! Poor kitties and that is way too much to spend on the cat doctor! O*UCH! The thing about Peach, longest lasting cat ever, is that he refused to go to the vet EVER- I think that is the reason he lived so long!
Glad the dizzy cats arrived! I can not look at that too long without feeling queasy.

Glad the kitties are OK!

kendalee said...

The handwarmers are fab! And I am sure being much appreciated in the recent cold snap. So much lovely stuff to catch up on Sarah... it's like lifting the lid on a treasure chest :) x

Tracy said...

WOW... so many goodies today, Sarah! Your hand/wrist warmers are WONDERFUL--such a cheerful color too. You've really gotten the hang of crocheting. I am fascinated by amigurumi, but some of them are sooo small--not sure I could manage to hook that small--LOL! Those four-eyed cats do make you go crazy... haha! Very cute. Your amaryllis is gorgeous... And LOVE all they layers of cushions & blankets on your sofa--very inviting. Your hexagon cushion is so pretty. Love seeing your kitties. Glad Tiger is OK :o) Happy Weekend

jabblog said...

Half-term is for pottering! I laughed at Tiger purring so loudly she needed distraction - good to hear she's fine. Can you believe that some people claim animals don't get jealous?
I like your starling header and your cushions look so inviting. Every time I see your crochet I'm (almost) inspired to do some again.

Carole Reid said...

Another cat that purrs loudly. When I'm on the phone and my cat is purring on my lap everyone asks what the noise is. Does your Tiger like travelling in the car?

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh, right, I have just answered my question on the post above I think - your beautiful flowers are amaryllis! they always look so completely amazing I cannot believe I did not have any this year!

The four eyed cats are amazing!

I love your colourful cushions. That is just how I wish my own cushion display would look

Liz said...

Poor Tiger! It's never fun for them to visit the vet and I agree so expensive for us owners! I hope everything turns out ok. Love the handwarmers!