Thursday, 23 February 2012

Morning and Evening

Attention grabbing skies over Woolwich this morning. Is this a mackerel sky or something like that?

Spaceship clouds over the school as I left to go home tonight. The building made a lot of progress over half term and is now towering over the current school.

I was glad to be waiting at the traffic lights, as it gave me a chance to take a quick picture of this lovely old car that had been travelling the same way as me. When I first saw it from behind I thought it was a Morris Minor as it had the same shape and the same looking boot. But it was much longer than that. It was beautifully kept.

This last photo is more to jog my memory, as I only had my school camera with me and so could not get a very good shot. If you click on it you might just be able to see the crescent moon. That alone would be lovely, but combined with the deep turquoise tinted sky, and the way you could just see the whole of the moon as a slightly lighter blue it looked amazing. I have never seen the moon look quite like that.

Thanks for lovely comments on recent sketches. I love drawing packaging and once did nearly a whole sketchbook of it. Not sure where that is currently or I would show you some!

Friday tomorrow-hurray! I hope the weather is as good as it was today-really warm and sunny-you can just feel everyone's mood lift a little.


Carole Reid said...

I hope you find your sketchbook of packages. I'd LOVE to see it!

jabblog said...

It's lovely now that the days are drawing out a little. The skie were beautiful yesterday and the blue is just coming through now so maybe the afternoon will be sunny. Whatever, it's the weekend and that's always good:-)

Tracy said...

LOVELY sky... I think that is what they call a mackerel sky. Anyway, it's amazing! We're having some sun the tail end of this week--such treats, and it's 6*C too... LOL! ;o) Thank you for sharing about your amethyst...and so glad you found a replacement for your lost piece. I have 4 gemstone stretch bracelets I wear--amethyst and rose quartz among them, as those are my stone. I know what you mean, I am very sensitive how it feels when holding for wearing specific gemstones--it's an very interesting science, gemstone healing! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of the sky! I asked Malcolm about the car, but he doesn't know what it is. Have a good weekend!

A.Smith said...

We too were in awe last night of that tiny wedge of silver in the sky, face to face with bright Venus and for a while there we were, like two children who are seeing something magical for the very first time. I hope none of us ever look at the sky differently.

Lovely old car too, they had so much style then, and a sense of "solid and safe" at least to my eye.

Have a wonderful weekend and find some time to cook :). Hugs from here.

Linda Sue said...

The poofy sky looks edible! I would plop it on strawberries!
(getting really excited to meet up with you and strawberries doused with sky!)