Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Dress Made From Sky

I went to the shops to buy some compost to make the witch's garden tomorrow. When I got back in the car I sat for a few minutes looking at the sky. The way the clouds were made me think of fabric-particularly Ikat fabric like this. (Image found here)Blue & white woven - ikat-like
Then I thought how I would like a dress made from sky. A light and floaty dress that was easy to wear and that always looked good no matter what. Below is my attempt to create my dress-and an animation of a girl who appeared in it. Did you know that gif stands for 'graphics interchange format'? Don't tell me I am not fascinating now!

create an animated gif

My friends Linda and Becky in Greece sent me these today and they made me laugh so much. Thanks Linda and Becky! The 25 most awkward cat sleeping positions.


Leenie said...

The sky dress is beautiful! I would love to have and wear one. No matter how many silly cat photos I see, they always make me laugh. Thanks.

Rachel Fox said...

Lovely work.