Tuesday 30 November 2010

A Snowy Walk

It snowed steadily all day, so I was glad I got the bus this morning. My school was closed in the afternoon so I left by two and walked home, as I didn't know the state of the buses. It took an hour and was very pleasant. Here are a few local views! This is the old people's home just next to school. It is a fairly new building-the old one was empty and became derelict for ages. It is where Tiger and Lily were found as strays. I think the newer building looks a little Scandinavian-and in the snow it looks like a ski lodge.
I loved the colours of this graffitied wall.

Christmas trees for sale, getting an attractive dusting of snow.

Snowy sign at the crossroads next to Woolwich Common.

A view of Woolwich Barracks-no longer a barracks. (I tell a lie-it has been refurbished and is still being used by the army) It is a lovely building with a huge parade ground in front.

Snow crow in a plane tree-
I love the seeds of plane trees-they look like natural Christmas decorations.
Cassie in the snow-the first snow she has been in-she didn't like it! I will upload a little film if you would like to see her not liking it! She kept placing her paw in different spots trying to avoid touching the nasty white stuff.


Linda Sue said...

Cassie so cute! I am sure she holds you responsible for that cold white stuff that does not feel good on her raspberry toes! Looks like she is concentrating on the design that she stamped out...BRRRR! Enjoyed your walk! Very pure and clean looking...for now.

Janine said...

lol! It looks as if Cassie was making cat art in the snow!

Leenie said...

It's a good thing snow is so pretty. Because it sure isn't fun for bare feet. I'm so glad you had your camera along on your walk. Beauty!

As sorry as I am for Cassie I still laughed at her confusion.

→lisa said...

Aw, Cassie!

That footage is so funny. "What has happened to the world?! Why is it all fluffy and cold???"

aimee said...

WOW!! we have yet to receive any snow... which is a miracle - it's freezing here! great pics!

Anonymous said...

Poor Cassie - it's just as well she's not up here, or she would vanish in the deep snow!!

Kat Mortensen said...

Poor Cassie! It's everywhere! It's everywhere! (and then here comes the old pro to rub it in.)

That building DOES look Scandinavian. Lovely pics, Sarah.


Bimbimbie said...

Hi Sarah - the little Cassie film made me smile and go awwww, bless her, a gorgeous moment of new discovery*!*

Lynne said...

Lovely to share your walk, and how nice to have an early finish. It's lovely to see animals reaction to the snow. I wonder if Cassie will get used to it.
I thought I had already left a comment on your previous post as I read it the other day, seems not.

Anonymous said...

Your snow pictures are beautiful! Poor Cassie! Our Snickers is the same way about snow, mud, grass. Basically he's a priss and can't stand anything on his paws that may be dirty!

jabblog said...

Poor Cassie! I liked it when her friend came along and obviously told her to stop being such a wuss :-)