Friday, 12 November 2010

Lovely Friday

My PPA time this afternoon was not spent on the work it should have been. Instead I ironed, sewed, then tried to work out what Cassie wanted. The whole time I was doing the ironing she stared at me. She even chirruped a couple of times. I worked it out in the end-she wanted some lap time! She has just recently-this week in fact, taken to sitting on my lap. She plays with my cotton, then settles down. I so enjoyed sitting watching the telly-first a really moving play about a friendship between a girl with special needs living away from her family, and an elderly lady estranged from her daughter. It did make me cry a couple of times. Then I watched a great episode of 'Murder She Wrote'. It was actually set in Cabot Cove so was very cheesily cosy and small town. I can't help liking it. I forgot until recently that it is Angela Lansbury who is in 'Bed Knobs and Broomsticks'. It was on recently. I forgot about the bits at the beginning when she first meets the children and is trying to fly on her broom. So funny! I was pondering this morning after so many conversations with parents, about the interests the children have got, both at home and at school. In a recent conference the main speaker told us about her daughter, who loved to sew anything she could get her hands on as a child, and is now a surgeon. Some of the kids in my class have such definite and strong interests and inclinations, that I could almost put money on some of their future careers. A. above may be a dancer.
A. will be something in fashion-she loves fairies, make up, clothes, Italian fashion TV(! her Mum told me), hair products, magazines and models. She puts together her outfits and is very particular about what she wears. C. loves digging, growing things, flowers, and all things garden-a future horticulturist? D. is dramatic with a capital D. He loves to act and laugh, but is distraught if something goes wrong. He would make a fantastic actor, or comedian.
B. loves to rescue people, usually as a firefighter. I know you can't predict these things but I would love to know what they all end up doing.

This week's story is The Three Pigs-we love the traditional tales! We are acting it out like mad, and next week I am going to get them to ask the wolf some searching questions! I found this little wooden wolf head in the market. It is flat, I am not sure what it is from but the woman i bought it from said it was Scandinavian.
The elephant loves his strawberry hat from Innocent smoothies-they all have cute little hats on at the moment to raise money for help the aged.
He also inspired a journal page.
The other thing I have done this evening is bake a fig and cinnamon cake. It is cooling at the moment, then I have to ice it. It is really late at night to be contemplating cake but I really want to try some! If it is any good I will share the recipe tomorrow.
Peter the plumber came round this evening, assessed the leak and will come back on Tuesday to fix it-or Monday if he can. He is the plumber that does all our jobs at school, and is a really nice man.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Leenie said...

So good that you provided some lap time. It seems parents often get so involved in providing THINGS for their children that they miss what the little ones need most. Seeing youngsters at the beginning of their life when there is so much potential can be so rewarding.

Love the journal page and your drawing of the dancing child. I wish I could be there to help you test the fig and cinnamon cake. It sounds delicious and I'm guessing it smells wonderful.

Lori Saul said...

I admire your work as a teacher helping to shape young lives. My son who is now 30 recently saw a teacher from his childhood and it was fun for both him and the teacher to see how he "turned out". She was so thrilled to find out he is a musician now as she remembers his budding interest so long ago. Love your journal work Sarah- beautiful expressive drawings. As for Cabot Cove - it really is the town of Mendocino here on the Northern California coast (we owned a home there for 11 years). It was always a fun show and great to see all the local sights on TV. Have a great weekend!

Anairam said...

Wow, you have had a full day. I so admire how intense you are about your teaching, Sarah - it seems so different from the teachers I know. You give real thought to and about the kids in your class - and spend so much effort in designing the activities. I would have loved a teacher like you! I think I would have blsssomed. You would have seen my creative bits and would have nurtured it and I would have been an artist today! PS You guessed right - I was out of town and attended a land art workshop. It was fantastic!

Anairam said...

Oh yes, I wanted to ask - did you do that picture of the girl dancing with the hoop? It is absolutely beautiful!

kendalee said...

Busy, busy! I agree with Anairam, love your passion for and commitment to your teaching - it's inspiring and I am sure those children are richer for having you in their lives and that many will go on to achieve their dreams whatever they turn out to be.

Love innocent smoothies little hats! Did you see their lovely "Buy on, get one Bee" campaign in the summer with the packets of bee-friendly seeds attached? Such great ideas! And so yummy.

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Murder She Wrote with my Dad - we much preferred when it was the episodes set in Cabot Cove! We also watched Diagnosis Murder and the one with the priest and nun - was it called Father Dowling Mysteries?

Sam said...

I'm coming around to the opinion that we are born with specific skills and talents and needs and wants. Yes, some things we come to later in life but I think our core interests and "who we are" is pretty much there from the word go. Like your little ones. I don't know about you, but I was passionate about drawing and making things from before I could walk - so to my mind it wasn't "taught" so to speak.

Love your wolf head and the nellie! Love that the hat raises money for the aged. Hope you are having a terrific weekend too!

jabblog said...

Cats do appreciate their lap time and they also make sure their humans take time to relax.
I like the elephant in the strawberry hat - very cute.

Relyn Lawson said...

I think I'll add Bednobs to my Netflix queue to watch with Sloane. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love trying to figure out what our cats want. Sometimes I wish I spoke their language!

If I were a teacher I would be curious about the children's future too!