Saturday, 6 November 2010

Weirdo Supremo

I have borrowed the title of this post from a text just received from my friend-the term made me laugh! The pictures below are posted at the risk of my seeming either weird, not that bright or both, so the title seems appropriate. Perfectly normal scene of a baby on a chair in front of the houses of parliament. I bought 3 of these little babies-I think they are plaster-last weekend in Greenwich. They are currently residing in the dumping ground that I call Dolls House 1, and, at some point, will either take up residence there or become part of a miniature room.

I found this poor, discarded Frankenstein's monster mask behind my car in the local carpark today. I went out in search of pens to continue writing my learning journey books, (I am always on the lookout for the perfect pen-smooth writing, a joy to use and not blobby-and found one recently-which had run out) but took a detour to the charity shop, my downfall and addiction. I could not resist this book. From the author of 'Why Cats Paint'!
I am hoping I can teach Tiger, Lily and Cassie a few moves!

This quote is from a recent read, and made me wonder why I don't think about things more deeply. I love it!
Teddies. 45. Pertinent points from this page in my latest journal.

Envelope gouache doodling. More fun than work.
Thanks for all the comments on my previous post. I see I am not alone!


Kat Mortensen said...

You ARE a bit weird, but that's why I like you!
I have Teddies too. Now I understand why - of course, it's the fact that they have faces! Mind you, I could still love them without faces, I think, if they're all squishy and warm.


Sarah said...

True! Thanks Kat!

Leenie said...

Very eclectic post. Amusing, weird, variety. The quote about art and craft being deception is a good one. Your gouache doodling is very cheering. It does say, "Fun!"

Linda Sue said...

You know, I have tried to dance with my cat but I just frighten him...a lot! I do love the baby out front of Parliament, babies know stuff. Loving your painting!!!

christina said...

cute! sometimes i dance with my doggie. lol

Janine said...

Not weird at all...i'd say unique! Love all of your work and I know I keep saying that but I doodle do!

→lisa said...

That cat book is too much! It's right up there with that dog yoga book.

I LOVE seeing your journal pages -- I've always been horrible at keeping up a journal. You are an inspiration; you make me want to give it another try...

Anonymous said...

You are never too old to have teddies!!