Sunday, 28 November 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

This is my book doll. Yesterday, I found time for some much needed dusting in the bedroom, and the fun part-rearranging all the things from the many collections. The book doll ended up next to the book pile and made a dramatic reading shadow. For more shadows from around the world, visit Tracy at HeyHarriet here!

Things people have made this week that I liked-
Anairam made a paper angel.
Anne made tiny bunting
Mary's grand daughter Hannah made a lovely book for her-look at the paperclip binding-brilliant!
Rebecca made snowflakes with her students.
Aimee made funny pictures using the Boden catalogue.
Linda Sue made butter rolls and lavender bags.
Leenie made some massive pies!


indicaspecies said...

I like the way the shadow has posed!

Clytie said...

I love that you have a book doll! And she really casts quite a wonderful shadow. And look at all those WONDERFUL books!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your book girl - one day I must remember to make one! Thanks for the namecheck for my tiny bunting - I enjoyed making it, and plan to make more with Christmas paper. Just caught up on your oprevious post - hope you get everything sorted out - it is so frustrating when you have no say in something which affects you. We have lots of snow - if only I could send you some!!

Sylvia K said...

What a terrific shadow shot the book girl makes! The perfect pose and, of course, I love all the books! Hope you have a great week ahead, Sarah!


Lynne said...

I used to love a good tidy/clean and then rearranging everything. Sadly, I don't have much to rearrange here!
Love the book girl and her shadow. I must visit your recommendations, but tomorrow, off to bed now!
Have a good day tomorrow.

snoopydogknits said...

Love the shadow! Love the sight of all your books too. Have a great week! Ros

Leenie said...

Yes, dramatic. Sort of Edgar Degas-esque. I like the little cat peeking over the edge too.

Hope you are staying warm and getting a break from the loose shoe laces and runny noses of your little friends at school. I've worked with that age and love how they have such a fresh view on life, but they ARE high maintenance.

Oh, and thanks for the kind mention of the pies. They were good, but they are GONE!

Unknown said...

Awesome Shadow Shot, one of the best this week.

Mary S. Hunt said...

i am honored to be mentioned in this post
well actually hannah but i'll take it hahahaaaa
i LOVE this book doll!
and she did cast an amazing shadow!!!

rebecca said...

good morning sarah!
i LOVE your idea about "things people have made"...i began at the top with great excitement. i love seeing what people are making. i was contemplating anne's wonderful bunting...and was completely surprised to find my name in the mix!
thanks for including me in such a wonderful post!

i hope you keep this generosity going,
so much to make, so little time!

Anonymous said...

Very neat!