Saturday, 27 November 2010


Some worrying things have been going on at work, which I can't talk about. I had no control over the things that have happened, and also have not been given the chance to resolve matters personally. This has left me feeling very uneasy, unappreciated and basically really upset. I am not writing about them here to moan, only to say the things which have kept me going during a difficult couple of weeks. These I suppose are my favourite distractions at any time, but have been particularly helpful now. 1. Going out and having a lovely time with friends-last weekend and this one. My sparkly pictures from yesterday are of Bond St, South Molton St and the one above is Oxford St. We met Lorna and had a drink. Then we went to eat at The Guinea Grill. It was lovely-cosy, friendly waiters, and a pie which had its own frilly collar and was delicious. I had white bean soup with truffle oil and croutons for a starter and that was just amazing.
2. Making things-the patchwork is coming along, and today I made some christmas cards-easy ones using a variety of photos and little star brads.

3. Using photoshop-always a quick fix if no other creative thing is going on. Tonight I have made a couple of backgrounds and doodled a couple of girls. This one is Rudolpha the red nosed girl.

4. Taking photos of anything that catches my eye-here is a scene of little folk in the window display of Diesel. You don't see them at first so it almost seems as if they have run out along the branch while you weren't looking!

See 2.-this is a little paper chain made from the trimmings from the photos for the cards.

Doodled girl number two.
5. Blog reading.
6. Being outside-this is just chance, as this week I was the outside person (we have four main areas in the nursery and rotate weekly) Also Forest School. When I am outside I forget my troubles!
7. Playing with Cassie.
8. A teensy weensy bit of internet shopping-a couple of teenage novels I heard about on the radio this week.


Leenie said...

Glad you have so ways to get a little relief from the problems at work. Getting out in the air does help give a better perspective on what really matters. Love your sparkle pictures and your Photoshop projects. Paper chains are a great way to decorate for the holidays! Give an extra hug to Cassie and remember your blog friends appreciate you VERY much!!!

rebecca said...

dear sarah,
i love all your choices for heart filling relief.
i enjoy you so and always leave feeling a sense of connection and joy.

do you know sue of
finding my bliss?

you are both across the atlantic from me and might enjoy knowing each other.


Sarah said...

Thanks Leenie and Rebecca!

Janine said...

Sarah, whatever your problems are I must say you have wonderful distractions! I love your doodles and your new banner! Take care, wishing you the best!

Hey Harriet said...

I'm so sorry that things are unpleasant at your work right now. I hope whatever it is blows over and all will be ok soon. Keep indulging in things that bring you joy as that's a really positive way of dealing with it all. Take care and keep finding nice things to distract you :) xo

Unknown said...

I agree your distractions are wonderful! I hope all is resolved soon.

Rattling On said...

Sarah, sorry to hear all is not well. Having hobbies and interests is always good for distraction I find, and for relaxing. I hope it gets sorted soon.
Love your pictures... and the description of the food!!

Sarah said...


Linda Sue said...

Am I going to have to come over there and spank them all??? I will, you know~ no body messes with our Sarah and gets away with it!
Love your drawings MUCH!

Lynne said...

Sorry about things not going well, it's always awful when that happens. It's good that you have something to keep you going.
I'm looking forward to seeing your patchwork sometime. I started on our Christmas cards today. I had to trawl through lots of photos before I found anything suitable. Do you print straight onto card? I'm printing mine onto photography paper and then mounting them onto card.
I hope this coming week is a good one for you.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry things are rough at work! I hope things get better for you! Sounds like you have some great outlets to take your mind off of things!