Thursday 24 December 2020

Christmas Eve Scenes

Oliver on his favourite chair just trying to get some peace! I love it when cats cover their eyes like this!
My friend Cleo on the foreshore today. We went for a Christmas eve walk. It was fun and freezing! We did take coffee in flasks though so that was good.

Someone has Christmasified the beach sculpture. 


busybusybeejay said...

I love it when cats do that and also when they wash their faces.I do miss having a cat.
Great to have a walk with a friend.
Enjoy Xmas Day and here’s hoping for better New Year.

Linda Sue said...

Cleo is well bundled! Good to have something hot to drink along the way, essential, really. Merry Christmas as merry as it can be...weird times, cat knows how to handle it all and there will be dollies circling one ornament here, No tree, no Saint Nick, no peppermint canes.Thinking of you and better times, there just might be a future for us all...

Fresca said...

Oliver looks like many people seem to be feeling:
"wake me up when this whole mess if over!" :)

Speaking of minimalist nativity scenes, the golden stars strung on the river beach sculpture touches my heart--light reaches everywhere it can.

Lucky Cleo to get to join you on a Thames-foreshore walk!

Blessings to you and yours, here and now and then and there.

River said...

angel used to sleep like that, Lola never does. I would never think to decorate a sculpture somewhere, it adds a nice touch.