Monday 7 December 2020

Winter Wreath

I made this wreath yesterday. I used dogwood stems, forsythia stems and bay, from the garden. I cut up an orange and dried the slices, eating the first orange as I cut it the wrong way. I used pipe stems, gold tinsel pipe cleaners and some synthetic felt berries I have had for a few years. It may or may not go outside, depending on if I can work out how to hang it. For the minute it is brightening the mirror. 
The dogwood is such a beautiful red and with just the right amount of flexibility and strength for this purpose. I did use garden string to secure it though, to prevent it springing apart. I wove everything through and round, but had to resort to the glue gun for the oranges and the berries. 

I forgot about the string of cranberries I had made, and it was too late to include them. You can just see them hanging down on the left. I will hang them across the mirror if I move the wreath. 


River said...

It is a beautiful wreath, you are so clever, so artistic :) I have never made one, always buying a fake one until one day I found a metal decorative thing to hang on my door. It doesn't have flowers or leaves so isn't a wreath. I haven't hung it in a long while so don't remember exactly what is on it.

Fresca said...

You make me want to decorate for Christmas now.

Linda Sue said...

The dog wood is gorgeous! The leaves are so plump and fresh! I love your wreath, Miss Wallis.

Steve Reed said...

Looks great! I never thought of using oranges in crafts, even though I grew up surrounded by them!