Tuesday 22 December 2020

Sheppey Stickers

Stickers seen on my last visit to Sheppey. Now we are isolated Britain. I feel sorry for all the lorry drivers caught up in the mess at Dover. They don't seem to have been made provision for-no toilets, running water or easily available food or drink for a lot of them. How difficult is it to install some porta loos and a water truck?


Linda Sue said...

what a mess! Nigel should be tapped for the expense of the trucks trying to gather goods before Brexit, and Boris should foot the bill for the covid surge. We are so used to being in lock down it is feeling normal. Go to the grocery and the post office, that is pretty much all I do. Stay well!! Living this life is pretty crazy. I am so glad you have Andy and the Cats, best rock group ever! And your cosy house.LOVE.

Steve Reed said...

I've seen that "No Fortress Britain" sticker myself somewhere. Yes, this situation is a nightmare -- especially for the truckers.

River said...

I agree, get a wtare truck and some porta-loos out there toot sweet. Maybe a hot-dog truck too.