Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Beautiful Things

Recently I have found myself walking around in a bit of a miserable trance like state whenever I am not called on to do anything. I am not like it at school or home so much, as all the in between bits when I am travelling to places. So this week I decided to make an effort to take pictures of things again, instead of considering it and walking on or not even noticing. There is just so much beauty to be found.
These Gingko leaves against the white sky look like a fabric design. I will have a dress please!
Perfect number plate where I happened to park on a foggy morning last week.
Serious lion face on a bright red door.
I just love everything in this picture. The simple sign, the black, pale yellow, dark red and blue. 
The colours in this one are beautiful too. 
Stark pollarded plane trees make great shadows.
This one may not fit into the title, but it made me smile, though I am not sure whether it qualifies as passive aggressive. It is also a bit misleading, as although it says there is no dog poo fairy, I can clearly see one at work. 
Such a blue sky, such a sharp shadow, and repeated triangles. Thank you small park down the road from school!
This was this morning. The tower blocks in the distance looked so dramatic against the sunrise stripy sky. 
The gate where we let the children in. Girls too!


Steve Reed said...

It is that bleak time of year, but you've done a good job finding interesting pictures. I love the dog poo fairy, and the repeated triangles on the building. And that license plate! So perfect.

Linda Sue said...

The knuckle trees are kind of creepy when not used to seeing them. Great shots of cool stuff, Miss. I heart

River said...

I really like the repeated triangles picture :)

Fresca said...

Your photo essays encourage me to post some of my local wanderings too--what is familiar to the blogger is exotic to the blog-reader!